Instagram Isn't Vibing Over Trader Joe's Organic Spaghetti Squash Nests

Trader Joe's unusual original products are one of the things shoppers love about the store. You can come in for Trader Joe's brand almond milk, but you can walk away with Trader Joe's blueberry lavender almond milk (per Trader Joe's Reviews). The same goes for products all across the store. You walk in to buy Trader Joe's brand pasta, and end up with Trader Joe's new organic spaghetti squash nests (per Instagram). This latest treat from TJ's is dried and cooks up in hot water just like pasta. It's gluten free and vegan and designed to give a pasta-like experience while still getting in those veggies. Serve them in a luxurious sauce like alfredo and still pretend it's healthy. Sounds great, right?

The only problem is fans aren't sold on the fantasy of veggie pasta, at least not on this particular fantasy. Trader Joe's fans took to Instagram to air their many grievances with the product.

Fans not impressed by mushy mess

Fans were not best pleased with this latest offering from Trader Joe's and they took to Trader Joe's official Instagram page to share their duress. It simply didn't measure up –- not to pasta, but to freshly roasted spaghetti squash, the thing you'd think dried roasted spaghetti squash would imitate best. "This is worlds away from fresh spaghetti squash," said one fan, suggesting that TJ's try freezing the freshly cooked stuff instead while another simply said "[b]ack to roasting a fresh squash."

It doesn't seem like this one is destined to become one of the Trader Joe's food items that have a cult following. One fan was over the flavor, or lack thereof, saying the dish was flavorless. "I'd much rather use my spiralizer with Italian squash." Others lampooned the texture, with one disgruntled fan calling it "a m[u]shy mess [that] wouldn't separate out," adding "[a]nd, no, I did not overcook it."

Another got straight to the point with it and said flat out "this reminded me of something a cat threw up." Not the best review, indeed.