Doritos' Star-Studded Super Bowl 2023 Ad Has Finally Dropped

It's no secret that the best part of any Super Bowl celebration is getting to watch the hilarious commercials that come with the event. Many brands are well known for their elaborate ads, including Budweiser and their famous Clydesdale commercials

Doritos has recently joined the Super Bowl hype party by releasing its highly anticipated 2023 game day advertisement. The chip company is no stranger to creating entertaining ads, with four of their iconic commercials among the top 10 most watched Super Bowl ads of all time. Doritos has been sharing teasers of the ad on its social media since early January to pique fans' interest. 

In the teasers for the ad, the company hinted that this year's Super Bowl extravaganza would be a star-studded affair. The brand shared an image depicting a secret celebrity seen hidden away in a limousine, while enjoying a delicious bag of BBQ flavored Doritos. With just days until the big game, fans have been let in on the secret of who that celebrity is (via YouTube).

The ad features Jack Harlow's passion for an unlikely percussion instrument

The new ad, entitled "Jack's New Angle," introduces fans to rapper Jack Harlow as he gains inspiration for his music from Doritos' iconic triangle shape. The rapper decides to add some percussion to his music in the form of a musical triangle. The resulting sound is a massive success, so much so that Harlow tells fellow rap legend Missy Elliott that he's leaving the rap industry for good, in favor of his new found triangle career. 

The triangle-infused music inspires a series of trends, including a triangle-themed awards show. In a shocking turn of events, Harlow loses out on the title of "Triangle Player of the Year" to none other than Sir Elton John. 

In addition to creating yet another show-stopping ad, Doritos has gone the extra mile to make this year's commercial extra immersive. As part of their Try Another Angle campaign, Doritos is inviting fans to make their own triangle-inspired music for the chance to win a number of Doritos-themed prizes. With the release of the interactive game day commercial, Doritos has definitely solidified their spot as a Super Bowl fan favorite.