The Most Important Menu Item At Reba McEntire's Restaurant

Growing up in Oklahoma, country music star Reba McEntire enjoyed wholesome dishes like pinto beans and cornbread (via TODAY), so when she opened Reba's Place in her home state, she made sure its menu offered a generous serving of childhood nostalgia.

McEntire never imagined she would get into the restaurant business, but her mother Jacqueline's death in 2020 changed everything, per People. Back then, she spent quite a few days in Oklahoma amid a raging pandemic, something she hadn't done in a while. While she has always loved her hometown, the prolonged stay reminded her of her whys. Around the same time, an old friend called McEntire to ask if she would be interested to open a restaurant in Atoka to promote tourism in the area, per Southern Living, and the rest is history.

Reba's Place is a multi-story venue inside a Masonic Temple. It also has a retail and entertainment space along with two stories of dining space that serves steak dinners, chicken fried steaks, street tacos, and much more, per Reba's Place. Customers can also check out an antique bar that is over a century old and enjoy signature cocktails, beers, and wine, all while enjoying live music. McEntire's menu features popular dishes in Oklahoma as well as her favorites from other places including Mexico, Nashville, and New Orleans. The appetizing options are all great, but the singer was very particular about a few things.

Reba McEntire won't compromise

Reba McEntire doesn't compromise when it comes to food. She was adamant about keeping everything simple and delicious on Reba's Place's menu. "You got to have great iced tea. Great bread. I want chicken fried steak. Chicken fried chicken. I want beans and cornbread," she told People.

To McEntire, some things are more important than others. "Have to have good drinks. That's very important," she said. Rest assured, there are fancy drinks on the menu. There is a cozy library that has all of McEntire's mother's books that customers can read while having a drink, per Southern Living.

To her fans' delight, McEntire told Garden & Gun that she plans to visit the restaurant whenever she can. "It's a great excuse for getting to go back home to Oklahoma. The whole thing is just really a family-and-friends-type situation," she said. Imagine running into the queen of country herself!