Reddit Has A Simple Way To Turn Chick-Fil-A Tortilla Soup Into Chili

While Chick-fil-A is known for its chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets, the chicken chain offers much more than other competitor chicken chains. In an attempt to appeal to those who may want something a little lighter, the restaurant offers a slew of items that are geared toward those who have dietary restrictions or want something satisfying without as many calories. Eat This, Not That! suggests ordering options like the fruit cup, yogurt parfait, or grilled nuggets when you want a lightened-up lunch. On the other hand, if you've already eaten dinner and just need something to satisfy your sweet tooth, Chick-fIl-A has plenty of non-chicken sweet items. Customers can order cookies, brownies, and non-ice cream, Icedream.

Customers in the know can take advantage of some beloved Chick-fil-A hacks for creations, not on the menu. You can easily create an off-menu buffalo chicken sandwich by ordering a spicy chicken sandwich and asking for extra buffalo sauce to slather over top (per Krazy Koupon Lady). It's possible to hack almost anything on the menu, including some of the chain's seasonal offerings. Fans will be glad to learn that the fast food chain's popular holiday offerings like the peppermint chocolate shake and chicken tortilla soup are also able to be hacked.

Add two ingredients and you get chili

Chick-fil-A's winter seasonal offering includes its limited-time chicken tortilla soup. The chicken tortilla soup features freshly shredded chicken, navy and black beans, and vegetables in a creamy broth. The soup is topped with crispy tortilla strips and is only offered during the fall and winter months. While many agree that the soup is delicious on its own, one Reddit user figured out a hack to turn the soup into a chicken chili. One Redditor posted a hack to turn your soup into chili. All customers need to do is add sour cream and cheddar cheese to the soup to give it more of the texture and flavor of a classic chili. One user wrote, "I tell people all the time, it's a white chili! That is the best way to eat it, too."

Others chimed in that Chick-fil-A employees debate whether the soup is chili or soup. Taste of Home suggests that chili differs from soup because chili is usually made with chili powder and it has less liquid than soup. If you order a cup of tortilla soup, the addition of sour cream and cheese will help thicken it even if it doesn't technically make it chili.