Pistachio Is Predicted To Be The Hottest 2023 Food Trend

Food trends, like everything that was hot in 2022, are always changing and evolving to fit new tastes and ideas. While TikTok's cloud bread might not make waves into this year, climate-friendly and cannabis-infused foods could continue to be on the rise. Staying up to date on these fads is imperative for restaurant owners, who may be looking for new menu ideas to appeal to customers, as well as for adventurous foodies who love trying new things.

Very often, we see food trends that introduce a new way to enjoy a common ingredient, like using avocado as a spread to make the still-popular avocado toast. Another major food trend that's gained some traction in recent years is a rise in the popularity of plant-based foods, like non-dairy butters and milks derived from non-animal sources, such as potatoes and nuts. One currently trending ingredient touches on both of these concepts and is likely to be on everyone's mind this year. Ladies and gentlemen: pistachios.

Pistachio trends IRL

A flavor insight report by McCormick and FONA revealed that between 2016 and 2021, there was a 34% increase in pistachio-flavored products. Moreover, the pistachio market is projected to increase significantly year over year, reaching multi-million status in 2027, per MarketWatch. This explains the increase in pistachio-laden foods and drinks that's on the way and already here, such as Starbucks' new pistachio cream cold brew

Pistachios are a versatile ingredient that can be prepared in both sweet and savory dishes, from cupcakes to a crusted salmon recipe. Better yet, pistachio has another trick up its shell in that it can also be used to make pistachio milk, which KTLA points out requires 75% less water to produce than almond milk. In drought-prone states like California, this reality may come in especially handy. So, next time you go to the grocery store or out to eat, expect to see a lot more creations in the vein of Whole Foods' pistachio chantilly cake.