Can You Order Chick-Fil-A Salads In The Morning?

The fast food devourers of Reddit are no strangers to questioning the fast food authorities, whether it's about Taco Bell's quality control of its wings or Chick-fil-A's salad availability. One user complained of being stuck for a day in an area with few food options except for Chick-fil-A. The poster who's been wanting to try the southwest salad asked if the item is available in the morning, assuming that they are premade.

Self-proclaimed employees began to sound off in the comments about when customers can get one of their sought-after salads. However, it's important to note that this particular subreddit doesn't give employee badges like the subreddit r/tacobell. Still, the answers seemed to reach a general consensus that Monday morning is the sole day customers can expect delays for salads with one employee remarking that it could take two to three minutes and another saying their location would not have them ready to go until 10:30 AM on a Monday and another said the item wouldn't be available to order on the app during breakfast hours.

Chick-fil-A employees say you can order a salad at any time, but there may be a morning delay

Considering Chick-fil-A typically opens at 6:30 AM, the Reddit user who wanted to order a salad in the morning could be in for quite a wait depending on which location they visit. While many commenters who claimed to be employees said the salads were available from open to close, some said there could be a short wait. It seems the Redditor's quest for a morning southwest salad could be cut short unless that location is well-equipped. Although maybe it's time to consider a breakfast item instead, considering some of the Chick-fil-A salad ingredients can even make the chicken sandwich a better option.

It wouldn't be surprising if a typical lunchtime item wasn't available that early, although some fast food chains have flirted with a wide availability of breakfast items like McDonald's all-day breakfast. One user pointed out that asking for customizations to the salad could cause a bit of a longer wait: Cook-to-order items like salads can take more time to prepare. Still, if these self-identified employees on Reddit are to be believed you should be able to score a morning salad if that location has the capacity for it. The old adage "the early bird gets the worm" seems to apply when it comes to the chicken chain's salads.