McDonald's Is Apparently One Of The Worst Places For A First Date

When you think of the ideal venue for a first date, what do you envision? Is your mind drawing a blank? Don't worry. Coming up with a location that will enable you to chat easily, ensure your safety, and not include the absolute worst food to order on a first date can be daunting.

Regular restaurant venues can easily grow uncomfortable once you've run out of things to say. It is wise, then, to choose somewhere that actually provides you with topics of conversation. Think bowling, wine tastings, and history museums, which provide great opportunities to learn more about your prospective partner. Looking for something a little quirky? Women's Health recommends sharing a "Goat yoga" experience. Yes, apparently, it's a thing — diving into your downward-facing dogs and side planks in the presence of baby goats. Surely, that will get you both talking. You should consider avoiding activities that will stress you out or fill you with anxiety. Instead, choose an activity that is in your wheelhouse.  

And, apparently, no matter how "at home" you feel at McDonald's, this is not a wise location for that all-important first date. That's right. Your future Mr. or Mrs. Right will not be impressed by dining under the Golden Arches, no matter how charming you may be. 

A McDonald's first date makes you look cheap

Who says McDonald's isn't a great place to cultivate a potential relationship? British bingo site, Tombola recently conducted a survey in which members were asked to name the worst location for a first date (via Metro). While the movie theater came in first, the home of Ronald McDonald and his McDonaldland friends garnered an easy second with 13% of the votes. It even beat out attending a funeral, which only garnered 2% of the votes. Apparently, in the dating world, gathering around a corpse is more romantic than eating a Big Mac.

When a Redditor asked if dinner at McDonald's was a good idea for a first date, most responded negatively. One stated that it could make them look cheap, another said it's fine if you're 12 or 13 years old, and another pointed out that having a cup of grease dripping off your chin may not help seal the deal. Perhaps, the commenter who said, "not if you'd like a second date" summed it up best. Co-Founder of So Syncd, Jessica Alderson, explained to Metro that McDonald's is cheap, loud, and has way-too-bright lighting, which all creates the impression that you don't care about your date. 

If you've been bringing your paramours to McDonald's and have failed to secure date number two, this may be the problem. Next time you plan a debut outing, aim a little higher. Perhaps a place with plates.