Bobby Flay's Cat Predicted The Super Bowl Winner. Again.

There were bets galore when it came to predictions about who would win the Super Bowl 2023 last night. But not all these bets were made by diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans sporting their bird-emblazoned jerseys or dedicated Kansas City Chiefs fans decked out in red and gold. Nope, some of these predictions were made by animals, claims California news station KCRA 3. The news network notes that at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, when given a choice between a leafy snack labeled "Eagles" or "Chiefs," the resident giraffe went for the "Chiefs" selection. Over at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey, the resident groundhog was prompted with some green veggies. Ironically, given they are trusted annually to predict the weather, they incorrectly chose the Eagles.

Another animal famous for making her yearly Super Bowl prediction is none other than one of Bobby Flay's cats, a Maine Coon named Stella, who leaves her usually shy personality behind each February to publicly make her pick for the Super Bowl winner. 

Stella goes for the Chiefs!

Stella Flay has been predicting who will win the Super Bowl on her dad Bobby Flay's Instagram page since 2020. She was, however, a little shy to share her pick in 2021 and decided to keep it to herself. In each video, Bobby places two cat food bowls in front of Stella, one labeled for each team. Bobby's voiceover for the 2021 video starts with, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing history. She's undefeated in her young life. Stella Flay. She picks the winner of the Super Bowl every year like clockwork. She's literally a bookie killer."

As Bobby said, Stella has been amazingly accurate in her Super Bowl picks, choosing incorrectly only in 2022 when she chose the Bengals over the Rams. And sure enough, this year, Stella was right in her Super Bowl 2023 prediction yet again, as after some quick distraction from the backyard squirrels, she chose the Chiefs over the Eagles. Interestingly, her brother, an orange Maine Coon named Nacho, also made his pick. Unfortunately, though, he chose incorrectly. Guess it pays to be on Team Stella!

Fans took to the comments on Instagram to share their awe for Stella's uncanny special ability, with one user commenting, "Man I need to start doing bets on Super Bowl cause @stella.flay on fire."