The Steak Tip To Keep In Mind When Ordering Hotel Room Service

Ah, vacation, A time to unwind, relax, sip on some cocktails, and enjoy some great food. At least, that's the goal with most getaways. A standard chain hotel may be kind enough to offer a complimentary continental breakfast or even a breakfast buffet. If you are staying at a luxury hotel or an all-inclusive resort, the dining options may be far more expansive. While it's fun to dress up and go to one of the restaurants for an elaborate dinner, sometimes it's even better to enjoy your meal from the comfort of your room, donning your (hopefully) free robe. According to Nerd Wallet, in 2019, 67% of travelers ordered room service when staying the night.

If you are going to order room service, you want to make sure you avoid ordering anything avocado. Anyone who's eaten an avocado at home knows that it can turn brown in the blink of an eye and the same goes when it sits on the line waiting to travel to your room. Time is an especially important thing to consider when ordering since you'll have to account for a longer travel time than when in a restaurant. If you're ordering a steak dinner, there are a few tricks to ensure it's as enjoyable as if you were eating it in the restaurant.

Choose your temperature wisely

While steak can be considered one of the worst things to order from room service, it certainly doesn't have to be. The trick to getting your steak almost as delicious as fresh off the grill is to ask for a lower temperature of doneness. For instance, if you typically like a medium rare steak, your best bet is to order a rare steak. The reason for this is that your steak will keep cooking in the time it takes to arrive at your room. If your steak is being carried and served underneath a lid, the heat is trapped, causing the steak to continue cooking (per Mental Floss). The same problem of heat being trapped and continuing to cook food affects fish as well. However, unlike steak, which can be enjoyed at various temperatures, fish is likely to always arrive overcooked.

If you want to enjoy your room service meal, there are certain safer bets you should order. According to The New York Times, some of the dishes that travel the best are Caesar salads and club sandwiches. Ironically, soups also tend to travel well and stay hot, thanks in part to the cloches. It's also suggested to not order your entire meal at once, but instead, order course by course. You may have to wait longer, but you won't have to worry about your ice cream melting while you finish your dinner.