Brooklyn Beckham's Latest Truffle Pasta Video Stirred Up Backlash

"Let them eat cake" is the famed phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette as a signal to the tone-deaf responses provided by wealthy people when faced with the plight of everyday people's struggles. She was met with harsh criticism, to put it mildly. Sadly, social media star and rising culinary influencer Brooklyn Peltz Beckham was caught up in his scandal of tone-deaf behavior after posting an Instagram video. In it, he is seen creating a fettuccine pasta dish anchored by a black truffle cream sauce, topped with shaves of black truffle. And it was his caption of the latter ingredient that got him the backlash.

"In my kitchen, no such thing as too much truffle," he captioned the post. Given the current economic precarity many find themselves in due to inflation, his caption was considered insensitive and the comment section was littered with backlash. Let's take a deep dive into the responses and whether or not they have legitimacy.

How Brooklyn Beckham's fans responded

Although the internet loves Brooklyn Beckham cooking videos when he shares with his fanbase of almost 15 million followers on Instagram. While most posts receive praise for their appetizing appeal, the recent post showing an abundance of black truffles being used caused the young star to receive surprising backlash. A pound of black truffle can cost $300 to $800 per pound. A steep price for the savory flavor, and his comment section quickly reminded him that it is a privilege for him to be able to use it in abundance.

"Lol most of us struggling to keep the gas or electric on to actually cook with let alone use Truffle. Get in the real world Brooklyn," one disappointed user opined. Seemingly making a reference to the fact that Brooklyn benefits from being the son of famous soccer player David Beckham and superstar Victoria Beckham another user teased, "What does this dude do for a living? Seriously!"

Thankfully, there were some responses that came to his defense beat summed up by the user who stated, "Some comments are out of this world. I cannot afford truffle either but still I enjoyed the video and really don't care who and how he bought it. What about in following him instead of writing mean comments."