What To Know About Bojangles' Breakfast Menu

It's no secret that Bojangles' restaurant is a hit amongst those who have a deep-seated love for Southern-style cuisine. But did you know that Bojangles' also offers breakfast? It's true: This chain isn't just a fried chicken joint. And while your usual Egg McMuffin may be difficult to let go of, you may end up finding that some of the non-traditional items listed on the Bojangles' breakfast menu offer something uniquely exciting to your taste buds.

Not in the mood for something out of the norm? Don't worry. Bojangles' also offers enough familiar options to keep you feeling satisfied when you're craving traditional breakfast fare. So, what exactly does Bojangles' offer for breakfast, and does the menu stay true to the Southern charm that the rest of its menu possesses? We'll let you be the judge. Join us as we dive into the intriguing facts you must know about Bojangles' classic Southern breakfast menu.

The Bojangles' Pimento Cheese Biscuit packs regional appeal

While a pimento cheese biscuit may sound utterly foreign to those living up North, adding pimento cheese to virtually anything is totally normal in the South. The Bojangles' Pimento Cheese Biscuit is so good that it nearly won our Bojangles' menu ranking.

From salads to crackers, and yes, even biscuits, pimento cheese reigns supreme as one of the most versatile Southern-style spreads out there. It is likely for this reason that Southern-based Bojangles' has added the Pimento Cheese Biscuit to its breakfast lineup, and fans are impressed. Flecks of pimentos are spread throughout this creamy cheese, and the spread can be considered relatively tame in terms of heat and spice. Layered against the backdrop of a buttery Bojangles' biscuit, the pimento cheese is pretty darn delicious.

Not only will you find a Pimento Cheese Breakfast Biscuit on the menu at Bojangles', but you also have the option to add the cheese to virtually any Bojangles' sandwich you'd like. Some love it smeared over their chicken biscuit, while others prefer it on its own. No matter which you choose, Bojangles' pimento cheese proves to be a wonderful, though somewhat unconventional, option to add to your daily morning routine.

The Cajun Filet Biscuit offers distinctly delicious flavor

The fan-favorite Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit has a special seasoning on it that's different from the Southern Filet Biscuit also featured on the breakfast menu. Though Bojangles' has remained tight-lipped about the ingredients used in its dishes, the chain has certainly made sure that the sandwich lives up to its Cajun title by dressing it up with plenty of satisfying spices. Even eating the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit plain tastes great. Much like the pimento cheese, the spicy Cajun filet seems to really shine against the subtle flavor of the buttermilk biscuit it rests on.

Still, there are some folks out there that probably can't be sold on eating a dry piece of chicken on an equally dry biscuit. We feel you. Thankfully, Bojangles' has plenty of tasty options for topping your breakfast Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit. Condiment options include honey mustard, ranch, barbecue sauce, and creamy Buffalo.

If all else fails, try adding the previously mentioned Bojangles' pimento cheese to your Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit for instant magic in your mouth. Just know that this flavorful combination will pack a little heat. But if you're down for it, this could easily become your official Monday morning jam.

You may receive a heart-shaped Bo-Berry Biscuit come February

According to Bojangles' Instagram account, in observance of Valentine's Day, the Bo-Berry Biscuits turn heart-shaped. This is just another way that Bojangles' very cleverly keeps its fans coming back for more. This festive seasonal breakfast dessert typically disappears sometime in February. But don't worry: They're just as delicious when you purchase them any other time of the year, even if they aren't heart-shaped.

In case you aren't familiar with the original Bojangles' Bo-Berry Biscuit, allow us to introduce you. The Bo-Berry Biscuit is one of Bojangles' few biscuits that's offered specifically as a sweet treat. The freshly made Bo-Berry Biscuit is stuffed with sweet berries and topped with sweetened vanilla frosting. Pair this up with a fresh-tasting Bojangles' sweet tea, hot coffee, or any of Bojangles' other beverages, and you're good to go. If you like to start your day off with something a little sweet, this is the perfect option at Bojangles'.

Sausage gravy on the Bojangles' Steak Biscuit is a treat for your tastebuds

What's better than a Bojangles' Steak Biscuit? A Bojangles' Steak Biscuit smothered in sausage gravy, of course. While it may not be the next new diet trend, it certainly hits the spot when you're looking for something hearty, comforting, and flavorful.

Though the Steak Biscuit and gravy food hack is secret menu-worthy deliciousness, we can't help but mention that the Steak Biscuit can be a real treat all on its own. This country-fried and heavily breaded steak packs a savory punch by itself. It's also worth mentioning that you can add egg and cheese to the Steak Biscuit (or any biscuit) to amp things up a bit. In fact, Bojangles' even seems to recommend this as it placed the spotlight on the Steak Biscuit with egg and cheese in its tempting Instagram post right before smothering it in luscious sausage gravy sauce. When paired with an order of Bo-Tato Rounds, you've got a match made in food paradise.

Yes, we know that a daily Bojangles' Steak Biscuit smothered in sausage gravy won't score you any brownie points in the health department. But who honestly wouldn't be down for at least trying this heck of a breakfast?

The Bo-Tato Rounds have a hint of something extra

Bojangles' Bo-Tato Rounds look a lot like your standard hash brown. They even offer that yummy signature crispy crunch you love that makes the perfect complement to whatever Bojangles' biscuit you've grabbed for the morning. But wait, there's more: Biting into one of these tasty tots may have you detecting something oddly familiar and yet oh-so comforting. So, what can it be? Onion, of course.

That's right. Unlike other fast-food fried potatoes you're used to, Bojangles' has gone the extra mile by flavoring its rounds with a bit of onion. Just like those nostalgic kitchen memories you have of mom cooking crispy hash browns with minced onion, these Bo-Tato Rounds are likely to send you on a trip down memory lane. Smother them in ketchup or devour them plain, but don't forget to match them up with your favorite Bojangles' biscuit sandwich. We've found the standard Sausage, Egg, and Cheese to go great with these, but honestly, any sandwich will do. You even can open your biscuit up and place a few of these bad boys right on top.

What's even better is the fact that these miniature hash browns come in a variety of sizes. Take your pick from small-sized and medium-sized servings. Still hungry?  Bojangles' offers even larger portions of hash browns with its picnic-sized servings. 

The Bojangles' Plain Biscuit may not be so plain after all

While most other fast-food chains are selling ordinary processed biscuits, Bojangles' is out there whipping them up fresh from scratch. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, as with most things Bojangles' related, there isn't much information on exactly what goes into the biscuits. Still, Garden & Gun claims that many of the ingredients are the same as those you can find in your own cupboard. What's even more impressive is the fact that Bojangles' biscuits are cooked up every 20 minutes to deliver the softest, fluffiest, and closest to the "real deal" biscuit you could have ever imagined coming from a fast-food joint. 

Snag these any way you want them; the opportunities are endless. We love them when they're all dressed up with sausage, bacon, ham, or country-fried steak. You can also order one with a hearty helping of pimento cheese or even sausage gravy.

Despite these snazzy offerings, know that ordering a Bojangles' biscuit plain and simply slathering it in some good old butter, honey, or jam is just as rewarding. Sometimes, it is these seemingly mundane toppings that cause the flavors in the biscuit to really shine.

You can get your coffee fix at Bojangles', too

No breakfast menu is complete without coffee, and that's why we're elated to confirm that Bojangles' does, indeed, sell its own brew. This smooth and oh-so-comforting cup of joe is made from 100% Arabica beans, known for their robust, bright, and comparatively less bitter taste.

The flavorful Bo'Town coffee comes in two sizes, 12 ounces and 16 ounces. In case you're wondering, these are the equivalent to the tall and grande sizes at Starbucks, respectively. Of course, if you're looking for the trendy customizations you'd receive from your traditional Starbucks coffee joint, you'll be sorely disappointed. Sadly, options like coffee with non-dairy milk or mocha drizzle aren't available. But if a plain hot brew is all you're going for, Bojangles' has you covered.

Still craving other fun facts about Bojangles' coffee? According to Theory House, the company took to rebranding the coffee at a certain point under the "Bo'Town Roasters" name. It also went on to tweak the flavor profile of the coffee to create a taste that is bold, smooth, and deeply satisfying. What's even more interesting is the aesthetics of the cup. Take a look closer, and you'll see dozens of Bojangles' restaurant locations printed right there on its exterior. With over 700 Bojangles' locations out there, attempting to fit them all on a single cup is no small feat.

The Steak Biscuit is a gut buster

At this point, you probably know that Bojangles' can't exactly be classified as a health food. Still, some Bojangles' breakfast options are lighter than others. Though most of Bojangles' delicious biscuit sandwich options hover around 500 calories, the Steak Biscuit remains in a league of its own. When taking a peek at Bojangles' nutrition guide, you'll find that the Steak Biscuit contains a whopping 620 calories. This is worth a mention as other Bojangles' biscuits, such as the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese, weigh in at only 510 calories. The calorie count for the Steak Biscuit only accounts for the steak and biscuit alone. Add to that cheese and egg, and you're up to 740 calories in just one sandwich. Adding the sausage gravy would add even more to the total. So, what gives?

We're assuming that the fact that the steak is country-fried rather than seared is likely to be the main reason for this major caloric disparity. Not only this, but when compared to chicken, steak usually has more calories in most instances. Put these two factors together and you've got a plausible answer as to why your country-fried steak is one of the most calorie-dense items on the entire Bojangles' breakfast menu. If you can't stomach the thought of consuming that many calories on your daily morning run to Bojangles', try opting for an Egg and Cheese Biscuit instead.

The Sausage Biscuit comes three ways

Yep, you read that right. The breakfast Sausage Biscuit comes served in three different ways. Why does this matter? Because it makes ordering one a heck of a lot easier, that's why.

When it comes to most other Bojangles' biscuit breakfast sandwiches, you only have a few select options when it comes to ordering directly off of the menu. Of course, you can get any biscuit sandwich customized as you wish, but being able to order food items as is can be so much easier first thing in the morning.

Thankfully, the Bojangles' Sausage Biscuit comes three ways so you don't have to worry about customizing the sandwich yourself when you get to the restaurant. Your options for ordering include a simple sausage with a biscuit, sausage with egg, and of course, sausage with egg and cheese. Oddly, Bojangles' does not offer the same options for the other breakfast biscuits in its lineup. Instead, there are only a few advertised with and without egg and cheese, and even then, none are advertised in as many formats as the Bojangles' Sausage Biscuit.

The Simply Orange Juice is simply awesome

You may have already heard of the Simply Juice brand that hit markets like a whirlwind in 2001. But with its popularity still going strong, we were ever so refreshed to see it sold at Bojangles'.

This deliciously nutritious brand offers up orange juice that tastes like it was freshly squeezed directly into your cup. It contains no preservatives, added sugar, artificial ingredients, or synthetic colors. When paired with heavier breakfast menu items, this bright-tasting beverage adds a touch of lightness and refreshment that's much appreciated.

With all of this talk about freshness and purity, you may be left wondering about the price point. After all, most things marketed as all-natural tend to have a seemingly unnatural price affixed to them, right? Depending on your location, you may see the price of certain food and beverage items from Bojangles' vary, but you can expect to pay around $2.59 for a bottle of Simply Orange Juice. Be aware, however, that because Bojangles' orange juice is sold in bottles, you won't be able to control the sizing. Still, at a couple of bucks for 11.5 ounces of 100% orange juice, sizing shouldn't be much of an issue.

Country ham is a thing at Bojangles' and we're here for it

Yes, many fast-food restaurants feature ham as a part of their breakfast menu, but cured Southern country ham? That's not quite as common. It is for this reason that we are impressed to see Bojangles' include country ham as one of its many options for topping your morning breakfast biscuit.

In case you aren't familiar, country ham is a bit different than your average city ham. This heavily salted pork is native to the South and is a staple in Southern cooking. The ham may look a little different than your average Canadian bacon-style ham, and it'll taste slightly different, too. But, in true Bojangles' style, the company has set out to stay true to its roots by offering savory country ham in its lineup of crave-worthy breakfast biscuit items.

The only downside? As of right now, if you order the Country Ham Biscuit off of the Bojangles' breakfast menu as is, you aren't going to get egg and cheese with it. And while the country ham tastes great on its own atop the buttermilk biscuit, we can't help but imagine what it might taste like against fluffy egg and melty cheese. Ask for this upgrade the next time you're in Bojangles' for the full-on flavor experience.