The Best Muffin For Carrot Cake Lovers Is The Morning Glory

Muffins make a great breakfast for a relaxing morning, and you can also pick up a muffin from a coffee shop on a commute. But there are a lot of muffin flavors to explore that you might not have tried before. While chocolate chip or banana nut muffins are classics for a reason, your muffins can be savory or you can try making a recipe for spiced bran muffins. And if you can't decide what to put in your muffin, go for a Morning Glory muffin, which packs in plenty of fruit.

Morning Glory muffins have flown under the radar, but muffin lovers should definitely try this one, especially if you love carrot cake. According to Earthbound Farm, Morning Glory muffins were first made in 1978 by Chef Pam McKinstry. Epicurious explains that the original recipe for this muffin was included in a 1981 edition of Gourmet and included carrots, apples, raisins, pecans, shredded coconut, and cinnamon. Since then, other Morning Glory muffin recipes have also included sunflower seeds, pineapple, flax, other types of nuts, and applesauce in place of grated apples. Although Morning Glory muffins have a long list of ingredients, they're well worth taking the time to bake.

Here's why Morning Glory muffins stand out from the rest

There's nothing more disappointing than a dry and crumbly muffin, but you won't have to worry about this when you bite into a Morning Glory muffin. The shredded carrots and apples make the batter moist and delicious while also providing a bit of texture. Laurie Ellen Pellicano, former head pastry chef at Tartine Bakery, even puts some pineapple in the muffin for extra moisture. Although carrot cake lovers are likely to be a big fan of Morning Glory muffins, the mix of ingredients is also likely to be enticing for a wide range of palettes. These muffins have a hint of cinnamon, and they taste like a combination of spice and carrot cake.

Pellicano told Epicurious, "If you're a person who likes carrot cake, you might be like, 'I'll try that muffin.' If you're a person who likes hummingbird cake, you might try this muffin. If you like bran muffins, you might like this muffin. So I feel like it's an 'everybody' muffin."

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