TikTok Is Outraged By Chick-Fil-A's New Cauliflower Sandwich

Chick-fil-A is not only a giant among fast-food chicken chains, but it also dominates other popular eateries outside of its immediate industry. However, in an effort to appeal to the recent plant-based wave that's taken over the U.S., Chick-fil-A is currently testing cauliflower-based sandwiches in limited markets.

"We are committed to chicken, and chicken is the hero," shared Chick-fil-A director of Menu and Packaging Leslie Neslage (via USA Today). "But... it was becoming more and more prevalent that customers really want to find ways to increase vegetables in their diet."

Naturally, Chick-fil-A's cauliflower offering has intrigued fans of the chain, who are interested in seeing whether or not the beloved chicken sandwich chain can work its same magic with a cauliflower patty as it does with chicken. As Mashed previously reported, it took Chick-fil-A four years to create their new cauliflower sandwich for a number of reasons — including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the cauliflower sandwich may be Chick-fil-A's first miss in a long time. Despite the anticipation, the new cauliflower sandwich doesn't appear to be going over well with some of their customers — especially food critics over on TikTok.

TikTok thinks Chick-fil-A's sandwich is too expensive

Those lucky enough to live within one of the three test markets have eagerly acquired the new sandwich, and have taken to TikTok to share their thoughts. One of the most popular videos, thus far, comes from user @morganchompz. During her video, titled, "Would you try for $7?" Morgan gives her candid opinion each step of the way.

"Alright, today, we're taste-testing Chick-Fil-A's new cauliflower sandwich," started Morgan. "These have only been released to three test markets, and this cost me $7.19 before tax." 

Morgan then reveals that she also bought honey mustard and zesty buffalo sauce to try with the sandwich, although she first tries it without. Upon examining the sandwich, Morgan compliments it because it "honestly looks like a normal chicken sandwich," although she does note that "it does have that cauliflower smell."

After tasting, Morgan first seems unimpressed with its flavor, complaining that she mostly tastes breading. Even after adding her sauces, Morgan admits, "Again, it kind of just tastes like a fillet of breading." Upon flipping the sandwich over, Morgan does find cauliflower chunks, but her commenters seem largely dissatisfied.

"How is cauliflower even more expensive then a chicken," wrote one user, whose top comment has since received over 13,000 likes. Of the top comments, most bemoan the sandwich's price which exceeds its meat-based counterparts. "It's literally a veggie and bread why is it so expensive," asked another user.