Paul Rudd Owns A Candy Store And Has 'The Candy Taste Of A Seven-Year-Old Child'

What comes to mind when you think of Paul Rudd? Him exploring the Quantum Realm as Ant-Man? Or maybe it's "Clueless" or "This Is 40." Or perhaps it's all of the above. If you live in or have visited Rhinebeck, New York, you might also know him as the owner of a candy store on East Market Street. Perhaps you've been lucky enough to even see him behind the counter and have a conversation with him.

It's called Samuel's Sweet Shop, but Rudd isn't the only celebrity who owns this famous candy store; Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played the notorious villain Negan in AMC's "The Walking Dead," is a co-owner. The boutique coffee bar/candy store has been a staple in the Rhinebeck community since 1994 when a man named Ira Gutner opened it to fulfill a dream and named it after his late uncle.

Rudd and Morgan, who were customers of the shop, didn't buy it until 20 years later. Since then, Samuel's has gained nationwide fame and even sells some items named after the celebrity owners to highlight their favorite candies.

Paul Rudd's favorite candies include Mike and Ikes and white Tic Tacs

As frequent customers of Samuel's, Paul Rudd, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and their wives Julie Rudd and Hilarie Burton all became close friends with the owner Ira Gutner and the store manager John Traver. But in 2014, Gutner passed, leaving the store at risk of shutting down. The Rudds and Morgans couldn't bear to see it close its doors forever, so they stepped in and offered to buy it. Now they all own it, with Travel still at the helm as the manager.

During an interview with People, the topic of Rudd's ownership came up, and he confessed to having "the candy taste of a 7-year-old child." He named Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales as some of his favorite candies. He's also a big fan of chocolate and claims white Tic Tacs, another favorite of his, are underrated.

If you're curious about some of Rudd's other favorite sweets that match his 7-year-old candy taste, you can buy the Paul's Favorites Sampler from Samuel's Sweet Shop. It includes marshmallow crispy cake; dark chocolate with cherries, almonds (one of Rudd's go-to snacks), and sea salt; peanut butter, pretzel and graham cracker in milk chocolate; and candy blocks, all for about fifty bucks. The marshmallow cake has a photo of Rudd printed on it and the sampler also comes with "a sweet surprise."