Reddit Is Having A Field Day Over A Poorly Cut Taco Bell Quesadilla

Taco Bell has made a splash lately on Reddit whether it's about the lack of crispiness in Taco Bell Chalupas or one Redditor writing a letter to the CEO Mark King asking for the specialty Grilled Cheese Burrito to stick around permanently. The user even went on to hilariously quote the company slogan "Live Más" in the letter.

The growing subreddit r/tacobell has over 100,000 members, so the fast food chain could stand to gain an advantage from listening to their feedback. More importantly, when Taco Bell gets it wrong users aren't afraid to pile into the replies with their disgust and that goes for classic menu items too.

One longtime regular menu item has captured attention on the social media platform: the quesadilla. A generally simple Mexican classic to prepare at home had gone horribly wrong — not because of any missing ingredients but because of the way it was sliced up.

A quesadilla gone wrong

One Reddit user shared a picture of an order badly cut into four woefully uneven triangle shapes. One piece was about a third the size of another which prompted the poster to ask "Taco Bell employees, is it really that hard to cut a quesadilla? Genuinely curious." This elicited some responses from customers and self-identifying employees alike on how or why this quesadilla mistake could happen with a seemingly simple food item.

One user claimed, "The quesadillas are cut through the packaging using a dull curved "blade"?? Idek what to call it. But you roll it over the 'dilla to slice it and it's easy to roll slightly off course, thus getting a wonky cut," indicating that the blades given to employees are dull and unwieldy enough to easily mess up the ideal equal slices quesadilla tend to have. Hopefully, the user's local Taco Bell cleans up their act because should the poorly sliced quesadilla become a regular occurrence the fast food chain could find itself in hot water with fans on Reddit and beyond.