Ranch Dressing Is So Good That Certain Celebrities Have Chugged It

When it comes to salad dressing, for many, ranch dressing reigns supreme. The cool, creamy topping has gone from salads to wings to French fries. It's universally seen as a safe bet for sauce amongst the masses when hosting parties and needing a dipping option for the vegetable tray or pizza. An estimated 70% of ranch use is for dishes that are not a salad, per TODAY. That's a lot of ranch. And for diehard fans, reports of "Hidden Valley Ranch fountains at weddings and mini-kegs at backyard barbecues" have been known to make an appearance.

Arguably, with ranch becoming a go-to for many food items, there is no better time to review our 13 ways to get over ranch fatigue if you find yourself less enthused whenever you see the white sauce brought out. However, it appears unlikely that many celebrities will ever be tired of the condiment and some have even been known to chug it.

Chug, chug, chug!

Comedian Melissa Mcarthy and superstar Courteney Cox have been known to take their ranch straight. Yes, cutting out the "middleman" of salad, wings, or pizza, they've opted to drink bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch — McCarthy drank the creamy white dressing for a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" and Cox did the same on Anderson Cooper's talk show. While drinking ranch may not be everyone's go-to way to consume it, they are not alone in their love for the condiment. Other celebrities have been open about their affinity for ranch dressing.

In the past, media mogul Kim Kardashian tweeted, "‪Is it weird that I like ranch dressing with everything? I guess that makes my dinner not as healthy ... it's so yummy with an artichoke‬." As part of her rider, superstar Katy Perry requests ranch dressing backstage. Taking it one step further, she even demands a large bowl of ranch dressing when staying at hotels. Are you a fan of the popular condiment? If so, check out how we ranked store bought ranch dressings to help you decide which to get next time you're at the supermarket.