13 Cheapest Deals From Martha Stewart's New Amazon Cookware Collab

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Martha Stewart has a lifetime of experience cooking and entertaining — so it stands to reason that she knows a thing or two about what makes for great kitchen gear. Now she's using her decades worth of expertise to help make all of our domestic dreams come true. In early 2023, Stewart's new collaboration with Amazon, dubbed "The World of Martha," hit the metaphorical shelves of the retail juggernaut. It includes an array of cookware pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. Pots and pans galore, Stewart's new collection features quality pieces perfect for a variety of uses in the kitchen, each one sure to perform and able to rival longstanding brands in the cookware space. Unlike many of those established brands, though, Stewart's pieces come at relatively affordable prices, making her cookware line even more attractive.

When announcing the launch of the collection, Stewart herself said "The World of Martha offers all the essentials I love and can't live without, in one place." Unfortunately for us, we can't live inside Stewart's world, but thanks to her Amazon collection, we can come close. To make things easier, we rounded up the cheapest deals from Stewart's Amazon cookware collab so you can start cooking like Stewart without totally breaking the bank. Call it Martha Stewart living without the Martha Stewart budget

1. 10-Piece Cookware Set

First on the list we have the Martha Stewart Lockton Premium Nonstick 10-Piece Enamel Heavy Gauge Aluminum Cookware Set. Coming in multiple colors, this cookware set includes two frying pans, two saucepans, a saute pan, and a Dutch oven, all at different sizes and with lids included with everything but the frying pans. Made out of durable aluminum, this set is conducive to nearly every type of stovetop and will do an excellent job of conducting heat and distributing it evenly throughout. The pots and pans are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and built to last.

One downside to these pots and pans is that they don't store well. Although that's the nature of most cookware, nowadays when purchasing a set, we expect at least some of the pieces to nest. That being said, the reason these particular pieces don't nest is because of their long, stainless steel handles. The handles don't conduct heat, making them safe to touch while cooking and transporting, and they feature a y-shape that can be used to rest your utensils. We'll take inconvenient storage if it means a better cooking experience. Plus, if you purchase this set, you won't need much else for pots and pans, so you can get rid of some old pieces to make room for the new. You can purchase this 10-piece cookware set on Amazon for $214.99.

2. Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan Set

We've said it before and we'll say it again — Martha Stewart knows what she's doing when it comes to cookware, and it's evident in this collaboration. While the line includes several different cookware sets, many of the pieces included in the sets are also sold individually or in smaller bundles so you don't have to purchase extraneous pots and pans. Take the Lockton 2 Piece 10-inch and 12-inch Heavy Gauge Aluminum Premium Nonstick Fry Pan Set for instance. These two frying pans are available in a set that includes pots, but they're also available for a much cheaper price as their own two-piece set.

These frying pans are easy to love. They're made from nonstick aluminum with an enamel coating that'll keep the pans in pristine condition for years to come (so long as you follow the care instructions which includes hand-washing only). The set includes pans of two different sizes, and each is oven safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You can select from three different hues, and the pans are compatible with virtually any stovetop. The price is comparable to several different high-quality brands on the market, and monthly payment plans are available if desired. This frying pan set is available on Amazon for $64.99.

3. 14-Piece Cookware Combo Set

Martha Stewart doesn't just know cookware – she knows how to make a kitchen look good, too, which is precisely why all of the pieces in this collaboration line are so stunning. The 14-Piece Premium Nonstick Heavy Gauge Aluminum Cookware Combo Set is no exception. Coated in black glossy enamel and featuring gold stainless steel handles, this set will undoubtedly contain the prettiest pieces of cookware you have in your kitchen. Even if you don't have to, you'll want to display them on your cooktop. 

But enough about how they look. The set makes cooking a lot of fun. These pieces — two frying pans, two saucepans, a saute pan, and a Dutch oven — are fabulous for cooking and cleaning. They heat up evenly and can be put in the oven. Plus the lids are vented and help prevent liquids from boiling over. What sets this collection apart is that it also comes with four cooking utensils as well, including a silicone spatula, a nylon turner, a wooden spoon, and a wooden turner. They're perfect to use with the pots and pans since they won't scratch the nonstick surfaces, but we have a feeling you'll find other uses for these utensils, too. Can you ever really have too? Purchase this stylish cookware combo set on Amazon for $189.99.

4. All Purpose Pan

Another one of the cheapest options in Martha Stewart's collaboration line is the Lockton 12-inch Essential All Purpose Heavy Gauge Aluminum Pan, and it's the perfect pan for entertaining. The ceramic-coated pan features a large bowl that's flat enough on the bottom to saute vegetables or brown meat, but deep enough on the sides to cook stews or one-pot pasta dishes all the way through. The pan comes with a lid to use while cooking or to keep your dish warm while you're waiting to serve the meal, and its secondary handle makes it easy to grip to carry from stovetop to table. Keep in mind, however, that this pan is not oven safe, so if you do intend to entertain with it, plan accordingly. It can safely sit in a warming drawer, though.

Stewart's pieces were all designed with cleaning in mind. This pan wipes up easily, and though it's not recommended, it can go in the dishwasher if you're in a pinch. It also comes in multiple color options and retails for a great price at just $49.99 on Amazon. Whether you're entertaining with this pan or simply using it to cook for yourself, it's a great addition to anyone's kitchen.

5. Stainless Steel Essential Pan with Steamer

Martha Stewart's Amazon collaboration features several pieces that make cooking (and life, by extension) just a little bit easier. Whether it's a cookware set including utensils or this Castelle 12-inch Stainless Steel Induction Safe Multi-Purpose Essential Pan with Steamer, purchasing something from Stewart's Amazon line will more than likely improve your experience in the kitchen. This multi-purpose essential pan is great for several reasons. One, it's stainless steel, which automatically puts it in an elite class of cookware. Two, it's got a bowl shape making it very versatile and durable. It also comes with a lid, and it has two riveted handles for easy transporting.

Now let's talk about the steamer. It's also made of stainless steel and equipped with riveted handles and is built to nestle into the pan seamlessly. It's got a bowl shape as well, albeit with a flatter bottom than the pan, making it perfect for steaming anything from vegetables to dumplings to a nice filet of fish. The steamer can also act as a colander, so you can strain water from pasta or carry freshly rinsed vegetables right to the stovetop. Easy to use, store, and clean, this steamer and pan are a great buy. And you can get them from Amazon for just $49.99.

6. 5-Quart Stainless Steel Dutch Oven

If you're only going to keep one pot in your kitchen, we humbly suggest the Dutch oven. A versatile pot, you'll be hard-pressed to find a dish you can't cook in a Dutch oven. For a brand new Dutch oven at a fair price, check out Martha Stewart's Castelle 5-Quart Stainless Steel Induction Safe Dutch Oven. Durable and able to be used on induction cooktops as well as in the oven, this Dutch oven has a hefty capacity and also includes fill lines on the inside of the pot for precise measurements without dirtying a measuring cup. The pot comes with a clear glass lid with a riveted top handle, and we've got to admit, for stainless steel, it's a pretty good looking item.

This Dutch oven weighs just about 6 pounds and can go in the dishwasher, but it's designed to be easy to clean, so you likely won't even need to run it through a cycle with your other dishes. The lid fits well atop the pot and seals in moisture and flavor, so it's an excellent pot for storing your food as well. The handles are sturdy, the material is fantastic for cooking, and it's an all-purpose pot that transitions well from cooktop to storage. Plus, it's hard to beat the price of just $39.99 on Amazon. There's a lot to love here. 

7. Mini Dutch Oven Set

We're happy to sing the praises of a Dutch oven all day long, but they are rather large, and we're well aware that not everyone is going to have the use or the space for a pot of such size. Martha Stewart must be aware of that, too, as she created the most darling mini Dutch ovens you'll ever lay eyes on. Coming in a set of two, these Martha Blue (basically a seafoam green for those of us who don't have a color named in our honor) pots can be used on a variety of cooktop types, are coated with a glossy finish for durability sans stains, and come with built-in handles and lids. These miniature pots are about half the size of Stewart's larger Dutch oven, and they work just as well. If you don't need the bigger version, these are a great option.

And what exactly would you cook in these? Stewart suggests gravy or sauces, but you can cook essentially anything you'd make in a larger Dutch oven, you'll just have to adjust the recipe. These would also be perfect for storing leftovers as you can easily reheat food right in the tiny pots. Considering the price, you might buy them for that use alone. Purchase these mini Dutch ovens on Amazon for $24.99 for the set of two. 

8. 6.4-Quart Dutch Oven

Now back to babbling about full-sized Dutch ovens. Coming in her signature color, Martha Stewart also offers a beautiful Thayer 6.4-Quart Enamel On Steel Scratch Resistant Dutch Oven with Lid, which is just the full-sized version of the mini Dutch ovens. Everything is the same, you just have about twice the space for simmering soups and boiling bow ties (pasta, that is). While the other Dutch oven in Stewart's collection is made purely from stainless steel, this one has an enamel coating. It's also a little larger than the stainless steel version, and it's safe for the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although this Dutch oven is hand-wash only, it's so beautiful you won't even want to consider putting it through the dishwasher. And while it'll take up quite a bit of storage space, it can also nest smaller pots (like the mini Dutch ovens, perhaps), so it can essentially act as a box when it's not in use. There are hundreds of Dutch ovens to choose from, but this one stands out in quality for price and looks. It's a worthwhile buy on Amazon at just $39.99.

9. Roaster Pan with Stainless Steel Rack

You may have assumed Martha Stewart only made pots and frying pans for her new cookwake line. But rest assured, the kitchen queen is as versatile in her inventory as she is in her designs themselves, and Stewart blessed us with a fabulous roasting pan for a great price. The Thayer 16-inch Enamel On Steel Roaster Pan with Stainless Steel Rack is a fabulous pan, complete with its own rack. 

This roasting pan works well thanks to its heat conduction and distribution, and it's easy to clean thanks to its glossy coating and removable rack. But we like it better than other roasting pans thanks to one specific detail — it's not made of just stainless steel. And while stainless steel roasting pans are all well and good, it's rare to find one made from another material, and it's even rarer to find one so gorgeous. Available in Martha blue or red, this is a roasting pan that'll have you volunteering to host holiday dinners or bring dishes to potlucks just to show off your cookware. The roasting pan is available on Amazon for $49.99.

10. 8-Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot

If you're in need of a new stock pot, Martha Stewart's got you covered. Whether you're stewing, steaming, simmering, or saucing, the Castelle 8-Quart Stainless Steel Induction Safe Stock Pot with Lid will be a more than suitable option for your kitchen. Like most of Stewart's products, it's safe for the oven and can be used on multiple cooktop types. And like all of Stewart's products, it's quick to clean and comes with sturdy handles that make it easy to maneuver from cooktop to sink to hot pad to table. It's also a fabulous size for a stock pot, holding up to eight quarters, and like Stewart's other stainless steel cookware pieces, this one has etched fill lines inside.

Now let's talk a little bit about the lid. Stewart features the same lid type throughout most of her entire collection – a glass top lid with a stainless steel top handle which we like for several reasons. One, the clear glass makes it easy to watch your dish come together without interrupting the cooking process. Its stainless steel handle is heat resistant, so you can grab it without using a hot pad or an oven mitt. The lid can also be put in the oven (though at a lower temperature than what the pot alone can withstand), making this piece even more versatile. Few lids are worth bragging about, but this one is. You can purchase this stock pot on Amazon for $39.99.

11. 12-Quart Stock Pot

If you want to up your stock pot game in terms of both size and style, then look no further than the Martha Stewart Thayer 12-Quart Enamel On Steel Scratch Resistant Stock Pot with Lid. This Martha Blue stock pot is quite a bit larger than the stainless steel option available in Stewart's collection, so there's far more room to cook all your favorite foods and host a Martha-approved feast. While this stock pot can't withstand quite as high of temperatures as its stainless steel relative, it's still just as versatile, easy to clean, and durable. And like most of the enamel-coated cookware pieces Stewart sells, this one also has the glass top lid, making for easy cooking and tasty results.

Unlike the handle on the lid, this pot itself has enamel handles that are built into the side, not riveted. This makes them incredibly sturdy, which is important when transferring a pot of this size, especially if it's full of food or water. Stewart's enamel on steel offerings might worry you since other cookware of this kind is known to stain easily, but it's worth noting that these pieces are marketed as stain resistant. With proper care, anything from Stewart's collection should last you a lifetime, including this stock pot, available on Amazon for $49.99.

12. 8-Quart Stock Pot with Steamer Basket

The only thing better than a stylish ceramic-coated stock pot is one that comes with its own steamer basket. And once again, Martha Stewart delivers. Her Thayer 8-Quart Enamel On Steel Scratch Resistant Stock Pot with Lid and Steamer Basket is made from her signature, easy-to-clean enamel on steel. 

The steamer basket, like the pot, is also made of enamel on steel and comes with built-in handles. It's nearly the size of the pot itself, but nests inside, and is great for steaming vegetables or boiling seafood. The steamer basket is perfect for cooking other dishes, too. Take pasta, for instance. If your recipe calls for the use of pasta water, the steamer basket makes retrieving the liquid easy because you can strain your pasta while leaving the water in the pot. It's also convenient for making homemade stock or broth because you don't have to strain any liquids from the pot – instead you can just grab the basket full of the scraps and take it right out. There's so many ways this multi-purpose steamer stock pot can come in handy in the kitchen, and its available on Amazon for just $49.99.

13. 3-Piece Stoneware Bakeware Set

Martha Stewart wouldn't make an entire line of cookware for Amazon without including baking dishes. And in true Stewart fashion, she has a set of three dishes that are pleasing to the eye and can create food that's pleasing to the mouth and stomach. Stewart's 3-Piece Oven to Table Stoneware Bakeware Set comes with a 9-inch, an 11-inch, and a 13-inch rectangular baking dish that's made of stoneware and glazed for a non-stick finish. The set is easy to store and can be purchased in six different colors. These baking dishes can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven, and they can be put in the dishwasher as well as the microwave. 

You can use these dishes to bake or cook, and they're perfect for use during the holidays or while entertaining. They're not exactly the best for transporting dishes as they don't come with lids or handles, and they're rather heavy. But they'll sure look good on your own kitchen table. Purchase this 3-piece bakeware set on Amazon for $39.99.