Brushing Sliced Vegetables In Mayonnaise Is The Crispy Alternative To Frying

Baked or fried vegetables are often prepared with oil to achieve a crispy finish. But, an alternative recipe for vegetable fries utilizes mayonnaise where oil is normally used — and it completely changes how we approach the concept of fried veggies.

When combined with ingredients like bread crumbs and parmesan, mayonnaise provides a crunchy finish to any vegetable that's been cut thin or into sticks without adding too much grease. Essentially, this creates a lighter alternative to traditional french fries. Not bad for an ingredient that usually only sees use in sauces – like garlic aioli – or gets eaten plain. 

Zucchini, carrots, or even thick stalks of portobello mushroom can be made into healthier fries that your body will thank you for eating. Bread crumbs, whether they're Italian-style or panko, help provide the necessary crunch when added after a thin coat of mayo. Depending on the kind of vegetable used, parmesan can provide a slightly softer crunch than breadcrumbs, but its punchy flavor doesn't go with everything, unlike mayo's more neutral flavor profile. And, due to its neutrality, mayo is also versatile — which is another big perk. 

A versatile condiment turned frying agent

Vegetable fries aren't the only way to use mayonnaise as a crisping agent. If you coat thin slices of zucchini in mayo, salt, and other seasonings to taste, you get an excellent potato chip alternative. The best part about it is your salt craving can be satisfied without piling on carbs in the race to the bottom of the bag, so to speak.

While this condiment is easily store-bought, making mayonnaise at home can provide an advantage, as the type of oil you use can fundamentally change its heat resistance and even affect the final flavor. Speaking of flavor, you can customize the taste of mayo with seasonings like cracked black pepper, canned chipotle peppers, or fresh herbs. Regardless of how you use it, try making baked veggies with your mayo and breadcrumb option of choice by placing them on a sheet pan and into the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes. 

Ultimately, mayonnaise proves to be a versatile oil alternative due to its coating and crisping capabilities. Plus, its creamier flavor differentiates it from the muted flavors of most oils. And it still provides moisture when baking, making it an invaluable asset to any vegetable lover.