Why You Might See More Krispy Kreme Donuts At McDonald's

Coffee and doughnuts are two items that are often said in the same sentence and more often than not, found in the same restaurant. But, surprisingly McDonald's and Krispy Kreme are two chains that aren't normally thought of as belonging together. Despite selling coffee, McDonald's has never sprung for a natural pairing like doughnuts for their menu. That appears to be changing with a recently announced partnership being tested in Kentucky. 

According to a February 27, 2023, press release, McDonald's and Krispy Kreme are embarking on an "expanded market test" beginning on March 21. The collaboration will take place at "approximately 160 locations across Louisville, Lexington, and the surrounding area," and will involve the golden-arched chain serving Krispy Kreme's classic Original Glazed® Doughnut as well as two varieties of chocolate iced doughnut. Now, fans in Kentucky can look forward to ordering doughnuts at select McDonald's locations. But what could this mean for the future of this fast food duo?

Doughnuts could be coming to McDonald's in more states

Krispy Kreme famously prioritizes the freshness of its doughnuts — the glazed treats are traditionally fried in-house and served shortly afterward. The chain's press release says that this phase "will help us learn more about operational impact on a larger scale," so assuming the market test is successful at those 160 McDonald's locations, it's possible that this sweet menu addition will be adopted in other states and territories.

McDonald's angle in all this seems to be as simple as an additional option for dessert as well as an excellent pairing for its already well-received coffees. Assuming the unglazed cake doughnut makes the cut for future ventures, it may even become a breakfast staple. Needless to say, there's a ton of potential for a partnership like this and a successful implementation would make McDonald's a go-to fast food destination for not just burgers and fries, but also desserts — after all, you can't always count on that ice cream machine.