Disneyland's Iconic Dole Whip Is Getting Ready To Hit Grocery Stores

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Some might say that nothing compares to the feeling of navigating Disneyland with a Dole Whip in hand. But would they be describing an extra-special joy or whimsically implying that it's a rare feeling because not everyone can just up and go to Disneyland to eat Dole Whip? A basic one-day ticket currently costs over $100, so that experience doesn't come cheap.

But the swirled frozen treat isn't as elusive as it might sound. People don't need a Disney park ticket to get to it, thanks in part to the ability to make Dole Whip home. Amazon sells the pineapple Dole soft serve mix for a little over $30. Plus, there are plenty of Disney Dole Whip recipes online. There are also shops that serve it, such as Mechie's Frozen Yogurt. Even though homemade Dole Whip is criminally easy to make, and all those copycat recipes might get close to the real thing, there will be a new alternative to Disneyland in the not-too-distant future because Dole has something in store for customers.

You can now buy Dole Whip at grocery stores near you

In a March 3, 2023, press release, Dole Packaged Foods revealed that Dole Whip Fans of Mickey and the gang might be wondering what kind. After all, any Disney-treat expert worth their salt (or possibly worth the cost of a Disney park ticket) can probably tell you that there are quite a few fruity twists on Dole Whip. It can be orange or watermelon-flavored, mixed with sour apple, and combined with rum. But at least for now, it seems that only strawberry, pineapple, and mango varieties will be offered at stores.

One question fans might have is "Why now?" Disney has been serving this frozen treat since 1984, giving Dole nearly 40 years to notice how popular it was. It even has its own holiday, National Dole Whip Day, which falls on July 20, 2023. But, store-bought Dole Whip is just one part of the brand's larger plans. It is launching a variety of frozen snacks, beverages, fruit chews, and probiotic sodas in an effort to promote products that are made with fruit and free of processed sugars. The new line of items is expected to become available for purchase this year, although an official release date wasn't revealed. In the meantime, the company is offering a chance to try Dole Whip at Expo West, which takes place at California's Anaheim Convention Center from March 7 to 11.