Buddy Valastro Is Team Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Over Chick-Fil-A

Buddy Valastro is no stranger to enjoying good food. Even though he made his name as a world-renowned baker and cake decorator, he's got impressive culinary chops. He followed in his father's baking footsteps but has expanded the family's original bakery and opened several other Italian-American restaurants throughout his career. His cookbook, "Cooking Italian With The Cake Boss", features his twist on treasured family recipes for classics like eggplant parmesan and Sunday gravy, aka red sauce. While Valastro often sticks to his roots in Italian cooking, he isn't afraid to grab some quick and delicious fast food.

Valasto's favorite fast food chain is reportedly Wendy's. That said, most people don't have only one favorite place, and fast food cravings can range from a juicy burger to a crispy fried chicken sandwich depending on someone's mood. When it came time to weigh in on the fast food chicken wars, Valastro may have ruffled some feathers when he admitted that he preferred Popeyes' chicken sandwich to Chick-fil-A's version (via Insider). While Valastro admitted to liking both, he felt there was something extra special about Popeyes chicken.

Valastro is a fan of super crispy chicken

What's so special about Popeyes' recipe? Buddy Valastro said, "I think that Popeyes' [sandwich] is a little more crispy, if I had to give my critique." However, he didn't completely throw Chick-fil-A under the bus — both fast food chains clearly know how to make a proper chicken sandwich. Valastro was also impressed with the sheer amount of competition and rivalry these two restaurants have ignited. Valastro isn't alone in his opinion, however. According to Insider's unofficial ranking of the two sandwiches, Popeyes was better for a number of different reasons, such as sandwich size, but also one of the same — having crispier chicken.

This isn't the first time Valastro has publicly shared his love for Popeyes. He once pranked fans by making a Popeyes chicken sandwich cake. Working alongside "MasterChef" finalist Nick DiGiovanni, the pair appeared to be creating a crispy chicken sandwich. During the Instagram video, Valastro adds flour and spices to a mixture, but when he serves DiGiovanni the "sandwich," it turns out to be cake. True to his name, the "Cake Boss" is known for making realistic, over-the-top cake creations, and his chicken sandwich cake could easily be mistaken for a freshly fried chicken sandwich, though it's likely not as crispy.