Trader Joe's Recalls One Of Its Most Popular Ready-Made Salads

Food allergies are no joking matter. Imagine going out to eat at the hot new restaurant in town. You sit down and review the menu carefully, and when the waiter asks if you have any questions, you mention that you have a food allergy. And although the waiter reassures you that the menu is accurate, your order ends up containing said food allergy and you now face a potential medical emergency. The severity of these allergies is why popular grocery store Trader Joe's quickly recalled one of its most popular ready-made items.

Sadly, this is one of many recalls for the company within the last year. Back in March 2022, the company recalled its Crunchy Slaw with Chicken salad because the accompanying peanut salad dressing may have been contaminated with hard plastic. The latest issue also centers around one of the chain's salad offerings, but this time, it's over the item's labeling.

Salad recalled over labeling mishap

While product recalls are a common occurrence in the grocery sector, consistent infractions or delayed responses to them may cause customer confidence to waiver. Thankfully, Trader Joe's is quickly addressing its latest recall for its Lemon Chicken & Arugula Salad. The premade meal was mislabeled and did not contain a warning that it had wheat, which is a common allergen (via USDA). In fact, wheat allergies affect up to 1.3% of the population (via Cleveland Clinic). Upon investigation, it was discovered that the item's top label is correct for the salad, but the bottom label is for Broccoli Slaw and Kale Salad with White Chicken Meat, a different item that does not contain wheat. 

The product was produced February 28, 2023, and has a best by date of March 6, 2023 and lot code "GHNW 059-06." The product's USDA proof of inspection also has the establishment code "P-46987" inside. The Trader Joe's recall only impacts stores in three states: Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. For customers with questions or concerns, they are encouraged to call the customer service line for GH Foods NW, LLC at 888-449-9388.