The Fake Lay's Flavor Twitter Would Rush To The Store For

There's a reason that grocery stores have an entire aisle dedicated to potato chips: they're delicious. So delicious, in fact, that chips were found to be the second-most popular snack in America, where a whopping 1.85 billion pounds of the salty finger food are consumed each year, per Smithsonian Magazine. That's a lot of spuds.

Arguably one of the greatest aspects of the humble potato chip is its ability to take on practically any flavor profile imaginable, which is something that Lay's has seriously put to the test over the years. Just in the last decade alone, the brand has piqued the interest of chip connoisseurs with a number of unique flavors, including the winner of its 2015 "Do Us A Flavor" campaign: Southern Biscuits and Gravy. Lay's even goes as far as creating faux flavors and their corresponding packaging to present to fans on social media, a few of which have received a better response than some of the actual treats the snack brand has put out on the shelves. Just last month, in fact, Lay's had the internet pining over one of its fictitious creations that many people on Twitter wish they could rush to the store and grab for themselves.

Crab rangoon fans are begging Lay's to make these fake chips a reality

Lay's had many people cursing its name recently after sharing another installment in its "#fakeflavor" series on Twitter last month. In a tweet posted on February 28, the chip brand shared a mock-up image of a bag of crab rangoon-flavored Lay's potato chips, which it described as "crispy, crabby perfection."

Given the recent popularity of the delectably crispy treats filled with imitation crab meat and cream cheese on both TikTok and Facebook, where a page dedicated to Crab Rangoon Memes currently boasts over 133,000 followers, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that both potato chip fanatics and rangoon enthusiasts on Twitter were devastated to learn that the snack was a hoax.

"Why. Why would you do this and not make it real," a Twitter user wrote in response to the tweet. "This is a sick joke. People actually want these," another user proclaimed, while someone else ordered the brand to "Stop teasin' and Get Pleasin'." One person even went as far as creating a petition to get Lay's to actually produce the fictitious crabby snack. It has received 280 signatures towards its 500-signature goal.

With all the support that Lay's has gotten for its fake crab rangoon chips, one can only hope that the brand will at least consider putting them on the shelves — perhaps in time for National Crab Rangoon Day on February 13 next year.