What To Know Before Adding Starbucks To Your Target Drive Up Order

While Target is already fantastic enough on its own, many Target locations also have a Starbucks inside, allowing shoppers to enjoy their favorite coffee as they browse. That being said, Target can be an all-day shopping excursion when done properly, and we just don't always have time for that.

Instead, sometimes you have to opt for Target's curbside pickup feature so you can pick up your groceries and be on your way in a matter of minutes. Forget about ordering Starbucks. Or, at least, that was the thought process until fall 2022, when Target offered a trial run for Starbucks curbside pickup in the hopes of making the ordering process easier than ever. However, even several months into using the new Drive Up system, the app has some frustrating quirks for curbside customers who want their Starbucks orders on the go. If you happen to be one of those customers, you're in luck — we've got a few tips for making the ordering process go more smoothly.

How to order Starbucks using the Target Drive Up app

Even after you have the Target Drive Up app downloaded to your phone, getting Starbucks curbside still isn't as simple as just placing your drink order. The Drive Up app only allows you the option of ordering Starbucks if you already have a Target order in progress – in other words, if you're already going to be picking up groceries. Be sure to keep that in mind if you intend to order your drink for curbside pickup.

Another glitch with the system that has made customers unhappy is the inability to use or earn Starbucks rewards with the Target Drive Up app. That being said, if you've already invested in the Target RedCard, you can use it to get 5% off your Starbucks order. All Target locations will be using the Drive Up app by the end of summer 2023, so it's only a matter of time before curbside Starbucks becomes a well-oiled reality.