The Best Fake Lay's Flavors, Ranked

Snack foods are some of the most popular products in food stores across the U.S., and few are as cherished as the humble potato chip. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the average American consumes over 6.5 pounds of potato chips yearly. In a 2023 survey, Lay's captured 41% of the potato chip market share for the previous two years (via Statista), making it the best-selling chip company in the nation. The company started 75 years ago and is still among the most recognizable domestic snack brands.

Although Lay's has offered a variety of unique chip flavors over the years, some of the most intriguing options are the ones that aren't available for purchase — yet. These fake flavor ideas have become a running joke on social media and take inspiration from everything from classic desserts to Chinese takeout. Some concepts are too off the wall to catch on, but many potato chip fans would love to see the best fake flavors hit store shelves. These fans have taken to popular social media platforms to express their love for these flavors and ask Lay's to make them a reality.

25. Black Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are a longstanding staple in traditional southern cooking, and some people believe eating them is a source of good fortune. These beloved beans have also lent their name to a popular musical group. Both characteristics inspired several Facebook users to share their opinions on this fake flavor. Unfortunately, most found the idea of this snack unappetizing and would rather eat the real beans instead. Many Twitter users were more forgiving, and some said they would even give these chips a chance. Across both platforms, Black Eyed Peas song references add humor to fans' comments on this unusual concept. 

24. Banana Bread

Banana bread makes a suitable breakfast, dessert, or snack — but does it make a good chip? The sweetness might be a good balance with the saltiness of chips, but most Instagram users aren't sure. Some are intrigued by this fake flavor, but some think this idea sounds too weird to be tasty. Some Twitter users believe this flavor has potential thanks to their love of actual banana bread, but others agreed that this concept is creative but strange. Lay's Facebook followers showed the most interest in these chips, with some asking for a chance to try them.

23. Cherry Limeade

Cherry limeade is a beloved concoction because it balances tartness and sweetness. It's a refreshing flavor that reminds many people of warm, summery weather. Although turning this sugary classic into a chip flavor would undoubtedly be a challenge, a few Twitter users would still happily buy this fake flavor in stores. For them, their love of cherry limeade trumps the strangeness of this imaginary creation. However, most agree this beverage wouldn't translate well into a salty snack. One tweet suggests that this combination could end up tasting like cherry cough medicine, which isn't anyone's idea of a successful flavor.

22. Oysters

Some of the most memorable fake Lay's flavors are just plain bizarre, such as this proposed dedication to many people's favorite mollusk, the oyster. This unlikely seafood flavor wins points for weirdness, and several Twitter users are willing to try it. Hot sauce brand Tabasco even tweeted to suggest the two brands collaborate. However, potato chip fans on Facebook were far less supportive. Even most users who professed a love for oysters thought this flavor would be too strange to enjoy. Others suggested adding other tastes to complement the oyster flavor, such as lemon, garlic, or notes of smoke.

21. Boba

Although boba tea's history is murky, many agree it likely originated in 1980s Taiwan (via Fanale). Four decades later, this combination of tea, milk, and tapioca balls is still wildly popular around the world. However, despite how beloved boba tea may be, Instagram is divided on whether or not they'd like to see it transformed into a chip. This fake flavor earned over 18,000 likes, but the comments section has plenty of negative reviews. Some users expressed their excitement about combining their favorite drink and snack. However, others think this concept sounds disgusting and wouldn't want to try it.

20. Split Margarita

Creating a layered cocktail requires pouring ingredients in a way that allows them to float on top of each other, with the densest at the bottom of the glass. Typically, mixologists will use different colored liquids to distinguish the layers from each other and make a visually-impressive beverage. This creative drink inspired the fake Lay's flavor Split Margarita, which has received mixed reviews on social media. For example, one Reddit user thinks this flavor idea sounds scary and is glad it's fake. However, multiple Facebook users love the concept and want to see these unique chips brought to life. 

19. Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, candy corn has been a Halloween staple since it first came to life in the 1880s. Lay's offered this fake flavor on Twitter just in time for the spooky season, and it proved to be as divisive as the actual candy. Pro-candy corn followers demanded that the brand make these chips as soon as possible, while those who hate the classic confection asked Lay's to stop the madness. One naysayer's tweet even referenced an amusing quote from comedian Lewis Black, who famously ranted about his hatred of candy corn during a stand-up special.

18. Melted Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cones have been around since 1896 and are still a much-adored treat for many. This fake flavor brings to mind the combination of these lightly sweetened cones with smooth melted ice cream, and multiple Twitter users were intrigued by pairing this taste with salty chips. One tweet even recommends dipping these fake chips in ice cream, which could likely be a tasty sweet and salty pairing. Furthermore, a chain of Facebook comments also suggested that these chips might taste similar to french fries dipped in a milkshake or ice cream, a fan-favorite combination among many fast-food diners.

17. Deviled Eggs

Many people think classic deviled eggs are delicious, but would they make a good chip flavor? Some of Lay's Twitter followers think so. Many professed their desire to try these chips because they already love deviled eggs. One user even recommends putting original Lay's chips on top of deviled eggs to prove this flavor would be excellent. Another user shared a photo of Salted Egg flavored Lay's from Thailand for inspiration. However, several users raised a valid concern about this fake flavor — the pungent smell of hard-boiled eggs would make a horrible addition to chips if improperly balanced.

16. Root Beer Float

Some fake flavors feature hypothetical brand collaborations, such as this option combining Lay's chips and Mug Root Beer. The proposed mixture of salty chips with the decadent creaminess of a root beer float piqued some Twitter users' interests, including rival brand A&W Root Beer. The company joined the conversation after another tweet suggested using its soda instead because of its pleasant vanilla flavor. Even the A&W Restaurants Twitter handle contributed a snarky response to the choice of Mug Root Beer over its signature drink. Whichever brand diners prefer, this flavor would likely be an excellent balance of savory and sweet.

15. Anything But Pumpkin Spice

Certain food concepts are very polarizing, such as the enduring fall flavor of pumpkin spice. Once relegated to Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, this flavor has since made its way into lattes, cookies, cereals, and so much more. Some people are overjoyed when Pumpkin Spice Season rolls around, while others can't wait for it to be over. This fake Lay's flavor speaks to that second group, and Twitter appreciates the humor. Unfortunately, there's no indication of what Anything But Pumpkin Spice would actually taste like, but one tweet suggests using it as funny seasonal packaging for Original Lay's chips.

14. Sprinkle Cookies

Sprinkle cookies are a fun, colorful treat that combines traditional sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles. The nostalgic taste of these cookies presents an opportunity for Lay's to combine sweet and salty flavors. However, Instagram users aren't really sure what to make of this concept. A few love the idea, while others think it sounds peculiar. By comparison, Facebook is all for this concoction, with many users willing to taste-test a bag of these chips. Those who support this fake flavor appreciate the potential contrast of tastes, while most naysayers feel that sprinkles are too bland to contribute anything.

13. Rainbow

This colorful fake flavor invites diners to combine two popular snacks: Skittles candy and potato chips. However, it's unclear whether the chips would taste like Skittles or be rainbow-colored as well. The ambiguity behind this concept has led to mixed reviews on social media. For instance, it has earned thousands of Instagram likes, but most users in the comments don't necessarily love the idea. On the other hand, Lay's Twitter followers are more receptive, with many ready to take a bag of these chips out for a spin. Even Skittles joined the conversation, tweeting in favor of this collaboration.

12. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are surprisingly versatile, but many diners agree that oven-roasting brings out this vegetable's best taste and texture. Still, some of Lay's Twitter followers couldn't get behind the idea of translating this mild, nutty flavor into a chip. These followers took to the comments section with hilarious memes to express their strong negative opinions. However, although the concept of Roasted Brussel Sprouts potato chips has many detractors, there are many tweets that support this decidedly adult-friendly flavor. One tweet even suggests adding garlic to the mix, which would undoubtedly take these imaginary chips to the next level.

11. Beignets

A trip to New Orleans isn't complete without enjoying some beignets, but some Instagram users are skeptical about how this sweet treat would translate into a chip flavor. Sweet and salty snacks are popular, but the subtle yeasty flavor of a beignet might get lost in a chip. Nevertheless, some users who love all things New Orleans and Mardi Gras support these chips hitting grocery store shelves. Lay's Facebook fans are even more passionate about this fake flavor and have offered plenty of suggestions for other regional specialties that deserve consideration, such as Jambalaya, shrimp etouffee, and even gumbo.

10. Kale

Kale itself may owe its current popularity to PR expert Oberon Sinclair, whose launched campaigns to propel this vegetable into the epicenter of popular food culture. Since the leafy green is now in everything from smoothies to soups, this fake flavor makes plenty of sense. It has earned over 5,000 Instagram likes, and many Facebook users also support it. Some users pointed out that kale already makes great chips, so this flavor isn't as outlandish as it may seem. Snack lovers who want to feel like they're getting more vegetables in their diet without actually having to eat them might enjoy this flavor.

9. Poke Bowl

A poke bowl is an ideal meal for diners who want a taste of Hawaii. Traditionally, this dish combines rice and raw tuna or salmon (or even tofu) with Asian ingredients such as sesame oil and soy sauce. The resulting flavor is an excellent balance of salt, spice, and umami, which sometimes has a slight sweetness. It may seem like an unusual flavor for chips, but many Twitter users think it's an excellent idea and are willing to try it. Lay's Facebook followers are equally intrigued, with most giving this flavor an emphatic "yes" in the comments section.

8. A Negroni, Sbagliato

Nothing boosts a cocktail's popularity like widespread internet exposure, which is what happened to Negroni Sbagliato in 2022. The drink made Wine Enthusiast's top ten list of most popular cocktails for the year and offered a fresh take on the original recipe. Instead of topping the cocktail with gin, this modern trend swaps in prosecco. The cocktail's widespread appeal inspired this fake chip concept, which hasn't unanimously convinced social media of its potential success. For example, some Instagram users were confused by this flavor, while others hoped that real prosecco would make it onto the ingredients list.

7. Cilantro

Herbs don't typically cause much fuss in the culinary world, but cilantro is different. According to Flavour, there's a surprising factor at the heart of whether or not diners enjoy cilantro: genetics. Differences in olfactory receptors make this herb taste delicious or like soap. Unsurprisingly, this difference in taste divided Twitter users on whether to support cilantro-flavored Lay's chips. The comments section is full of soap-based jokes and memes, but one cilantro lover tweeted that these chips would likely be delicious with some dip. Since chips are often just vehicles for dips, this would create a unique snacking experience.

6. Thanksgiving Stuffing

Of all the traditional dishes found on most Thanksgiving dinner tables, stuffing is among the most popular. A 2020 YouGovAmerica survey found that 77% of U.S. diners ranked stuffing as their favorite holiday dish, which is probably why plenty of Instagram users think this fake potato chip flavor is a great idea. This seasonal concept has over 4,000 likes, and the comments section features multiple requests for Lay's to start manufacturing it as soon as possible. Most Twitter users agree, and one tweet points out that Trader Joe's once offered a similar concept as a kettle chip flavor.

5. Soup Dumplings

Traditional Chinese xiao long bao originated just outside of Shanghai and have existed for approximately 150 years. These steamed, pork-based dumplings are the inspiration behind one of the rare Asian-inspired fake chip flavors Lay's has created, which is very popular on social media. For example, many Instagram users approve of this idea, as evidenced by the positive comments and the over 5,000 likes it has received. On Facebook, fans are equally in favor of these chips. Many have demanded to know where to find these chips, with some even claiming they would buy multiple bags at a time. 

4. Apple Cider Donuts

Apple cider donuts are a delicious fall treat combining warm flavors such as cinnamon and brown sugar with the sweetness of apples. It's a nontraditional flavor concept, but many Instagram users would love to see these hypothetical chips come to life. Several think these chips would be delicious and asked Lay's to bring them to stores. Twitter also supports this concept, with many users asking where to find a bag. One tweet thoughtfully asks if the chips would be sugared or glazed. This choice would make a big difference in the chips' texture, but both have promise.

3. Hawaiian Pizza

The notion of pineapple on pizza has been controversial since a Greek immigrant first introduced it to Ontario, Canada diners, in 1962. It inspires some of the strongest opinions in the pizza world, with consumers either vehemently opposed or eternally loyal to the sweet topping. Like its namesake, the Hawaiian Pizza fake Lay's flavor inspired a debate among Twitter users. Although it earned numerous resoundingly negative responses, Hawaiian pizza lovers took to the comments section in droves to declare their approval. They implored Lay's to make these chips a reality with Kool-Aid Man gifs and polite requests for immediate store release. 

2. Crab Rangoons

Crab rangoons are a standard fixture on many Chinese takeout menus in the U.S. These crispy, cream cheese-filled dumplings are so popular that February 13th has been dubbed National Crab Rangoon Day. There's no doubt that American diners love them, but a chip flavor inspired by crab rangoons might be challenging to pull off successfully. Nevertheless, many Twitter users support this bizarre idea. Some even begged Lay's to actually make this snack available in stores, calling the concept perfectly delicious. So, at least as far as Twitter is concerned, this flavor is a prime candidate for a real-life release.

1. Charred Hot Dog

Nothing says summer like a grilled hot dog, an essence this imaginary flavor promises to capture. Lay's has followers across multiple social media channels who would love to purchase these chips someday. For example, Charred Hot Dog has many supporters on Instagram, some of whom think this would be an excellent July 4th snack. Facebook also loves this idea, which has thousands of likes. Many users commented with fond memories of eating slightly blackened hot dogs straight off the grill. With minimal negative feedback across both platforms, this fake flavor would probably do well in real life.