The First Cocktail Eitan Bernath Wants To Sip When He Turns 21 - Exclusive

If you're a foodie and you're on social media, it's hard not to notice that Eitan Bernath is everywhere these days. He's enraptured tens of millions of global fans across his social media channels. He's also the Principal Culinary Contributor for "The Drew Barrymore Show" on CBS, a cookbook author, and a High-Level Supporter of the UN World Food Program. Meanwhile, he's an undergrad at Columbia, delighting our FYP with dorm room food hacks, crazy snack trends, and all the best of Gen Z culture.

All this, and 20-year-old Bernath can't even legally toast to his own accomplishments yet. But that's about to change when the foodie influencer celebrates his birthday at the end of April. We have no doubt that an epic celebration is in store, likely with a banquet of extravagant and Instagram-able bites for the occasion. While we don't know the details of Bernath's birthday party plans (assuming our invite got lost in the mail), we do have some insight on what Bernath will be sipping on to commemorate his coming-of-age — this time at the bar rather than a bar mitzvah.

Mashed's sister site Tasting Table caught up with Bernath recently to learn more about all of the things he's got in store for 2023. Along with a lot of great content, new collaborations, and charity work, Bernath is of course making plans to work on his mixology skills. And in an exclusive interview, he shared what he's planning to pour out for the big 21.

Eitan Bernath wants his booze with a citrus kick

Maybe this has got you thinking back to your first drink at 21, whenever that was. Was it an ice cold beer? A round of shots among you and your friends? Perhaps the notorious Jack and Coke for your first legal libation. For a lot of us, that first drink is often enjoyed (or choked down) in a dark dive bar or a college party, and it's anything but gourmet. But for foodie sensation Eitan Bernath, that's exactly what we're expecting. He entertains millions with his playful, exuberant videos making recipes and trying food trends, and he absolutely plans to "start dabbling in the world of cocktails," as soon as he's technically allowed to, he told Tasting Table.

And what kind of drink is befitting someone with a demeanor as sweet and sunny as Bernath's? "I love citrus, so anything citrus related," he said, adding, "I love lemonade." Of course, that doesn't mean he's going to be mixing up some Minute Maid and vodka. Citrus and booze make for some fantastic cocktail pairings, ranging from refreshing and bright to dark, bitter, and balanced. It also makes a great duo for celebratory drinks, and there are a slew of delicious Champagne cocktails that call for elements of citrus.

Eitan Bernath plans to put his mocktail skills to use when he turns 21

Eitan Bernath said he's "going to research the French 75" as a potential potable to ring in his 21st with. Of course, we also wouldn't be surprised if Bernath decides to craft his own unique birthday cocktail instead. He said he's "always loved making mocktails," so it wouldn't be a long leap to add some ABV to his favorite recipes for sipping.

And as someone who's constantly experimenting with new and exciting flavors and ingredients, Bernath's sure to bring an elevated culinary approach to his mixology moves. "I love doing shrubs, which is where you ferment vinegar and fruit and it gives you that tannic alcohol flavor," he said. With that statement alone his palate is already years beyond that of many 21-year-old drinkers. Whatever Bernath is going bottoms up with for his birthday, it's no doubt going to be classy, tasty, and all over the internet by the time he takes the first sip.