Domino's Is Actually Cheap For Once (Thanks To March Madness)

Did you know that it would take a stack of 69 pizza boxes to reach a basketball hoop? Have any idea how many pizza boxes it would take to cover a 4,600-square-foot basketball court? More than 4,500. Can you tell that here at Mashed, we've been eating a lot of pizza, and we've had some extra time on our hands? Actually, we haven't had that much pizza, and our time has been spent following the National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) March Madness tournament. The riveting pizza-and-basketball stats did not come from painstaking Mashed research, but from the folks at Domino's Pizza.

If you are planning to watch the Sweet Sixteen semifinals this week and the Elite Eight over the weekend, you may want to take advantage of a money saver from Domino's — especially since it doesn't happen that often. Through March 26, the pizza chain is offering customers 50% off all menu-priced pizzas that are ordered online.

Sweet deals for the Sweet 16

Any Domino's pizzas ordered online are all half-off through Sunday, March 26. As far as March Madness fast food deals go, that's pretty good. The deal is available on menu-priced pizzas ordered through Domino's website or mobile app, and other online ordering channels. Last year during the college basketball's semifinals and championship game, Domino reported selling more than 3 million pizzas, according to Investors Observer.

Considering the price of some of the specialty pizza at Domino's, we have to say this deal is worth it. A 14-inch Philly Cheese Steak pizza is normally about $23, and comes with several toppings. A regular two-topping pizza is about $21. With this deal, consider that a nearly two-for-one special. And while you watch the Sweet Sixteen battle it out during the week now, you can come back for the same deal as the Elite Eight take the court over the weekend. You may end up covering the next few days of March Madness meals — dinner or snack.

By the time the Final Four matchups air in April, though, the deal will be off. But that's okay, you may need a break from pizza by then.