Why Are Grown Men Eating Dog Food On TikTok?!

The newest TikTok food trend isn't actually food at all. It steers away from cloud bread, avoids pink sauce, and has no mention of pasta chips. Instead, men interested in building muscle have been downing dog food for all to see. The original video posted by @kizaru.adam was deleted, but not before @henry.fit posted a stitched version of the clip revealing that dog food contains 666 grams of protein per 200 grams of kibble. He promised that after 15,000 likes, he would perform a taste test.

Though no surprise, TikTok made it happen. In fact, the video surpassed 100,000 likes, and because a deal is a deal, Henry filled a small bowl with several pieces of dog food. He immediately wretched after taking a bite, stating, "It's not worth it, I promise you guys. It's not worth it." Earlier in the video, he stated his attempt was "for the gains."

However, claims from a few Reddit users indicate that he may be overreacting. In a post titled, "What does dog food taste like?" replies reveal it tastes "really dry and salty," and, "like nothing." Either way, it's something that can be done sparingly if you're really interested in trying it.

Short time consumption is likely not harmful

If you get the hankering for extra protein, or you're simply asked to perform a dare, it's never a bad idea to understand what you're putting into your body. For one, consuming dog food isn't considered unsafe in small amounts. But because dog food contains more unhealthy pieces of meat, the bag typically warns it's "unfit for human consumption." Basically speaking, humans should only consume kibble if facing a major emergency. In that instance, dog food includes nutrients that will be able to sustain you for short periods (per Primal Survivor). If this happens, it's important the food has been kept properly in an air-tight manner.

According to Mad Paws, even dog food listed as human grade isn't a great choice. Dogs and humans are not alike in the nutrients they require, and human-grade dog food simply doesn't contain what's needed for a human. If consumed regularly, you'll miss out on vital vitamin C — something that pups aren't able to process. Those who are merely curious should take into consideration the TikTok video posted by @henry.fit. Per American Kennel Club, the taste could be explained by biological differences as well. Humans have much more sensitive palates, as their mouths contain 9,000 taste buds while dogs only have 1,700 taste buds, on average. While it's completely up to you, you might not want to reach for Racheal Ray's dog food anytime soon.