Pretzel Crust Pizza Is Making Its Long-Awaited Return To Little Caesars

Little Caesars is bringing back a blast from the past, and pizza fans are loving it. First introduced in 2014 as a limited-time promotion, Pretzel Crust Pizza has come and gone several times since, but customers' love for the peculiar dish has never wavered. While all good things must come to an end with time, goodbyes are just opportunities for new hellos. In the years since its debut, people have clamored for its return

Well, Little Caesars appears to have its ear to the voices of the people. In a press release, the company's Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hamilton said, "Despite bringing it back several times, it feels like the pretzel fervor has not waned." This time, around, Little Caesars announced the popular pizza's return by trolling Twitter with the idea of a corncob crust. Of course, this was just a pre-April Fool's joke, though. It was soon followed by a new tweet announcing some far more welcome news: The Pretzel Crust Pizza is back for yet another limited run.

Pretzel Crust Pizza fans are thrilled to see it back again

In case you've yet to try the Pretzel Crust Pizza, it's not just a standard pizza with a saltier crust. In addition to the pretzel crust, it's also made with cheddar sauce and Muenster cheese as well as mozzarella and pepperoni. You can also order a plain cheese version of this pizza and/or one made with regular pizza sauce instead of cheddar sauce.

The question is, though, should you run right down to Little Caesars and grab one of these pizzas right out of the hot-n-ready case? Twitter says yes if the preponderance of dancing gifs, OMGs, grinning emojis, and other enthusiastic responses to Little Caesars' announcement is anything to go by. For instance, one user wrote, "My favorite day so far this year! Just got one all hot and fresh. TIME TO EAT!!"

Quite a few people, in fact, think that this pizza should be promoted to the regular menu instead of remaining a limited-time item as it is at present. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be in the cards. The company's Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hamilton said, "We're bracing ourselves for the predictable outcry on social media when it eventually goes away again." For now, it appears to be Little Caesar's version of the constantly disappearing McRib.