Martha Stewart Schooled Jamie Oliver During His Martha Cooks Demo

Martha Stewart, queen of the clapback and television cooking, knows her way around the kitchen. One just has to tune into her show "Martha Cooks" (which is filmed at her home in Bedford, New York) to see that. In fact, Stewart recently schooled guest Jamie Oliver with a particular culinary hack. Oliver is an icon in his own right with cookbooks and television shows focused on hacks, shortcuts, and clever modifications. But even he was taken back by Stewart's insight.

According to People, Oliver took the lead while making a lemon cheesecake recipe from his cookbook "One" while on the show. After he blended the ingredients for the filling in the food processor, Oliver began pouring the mixture into the crust. As most people do, Oliver used his pointer and middle fingers, pressed against the top of the removable blades to keep them in place while he poured the filling. He held the handle of the food processor with his other hand. "You don't know the trick with your finger?" Stewart asked him.

She then took the food processor from Oliver, held it from the bottom one-handed, and used her fingers to stabilize the blades –- freeing up her other hand. "So then you can use your other hand," Stewart explained. 

How did Jamie Oliver respond?

Was the chef embarrassed to have been publicly schooled by Martha Stewart herself? Does his response get added to the list of all the times Jamie Oliver made everyone angry? Quite the contrary. In the clip of the "Martha Cooks" episode, Jamie Oliver appeared to be surprised by the hack. He responded, "I can't believe I didn't know that." He immediately gave her method a shot and laughed at how much easier it was. 

The trick allowed Oliver to hold the food processor easily with one hand while wielding a rubber spatula with the other. He thanked her and exclaimed humbly, "I'm still learning, Martha, and always happy to learn from you." The experience ended up being a good laugh for both of them with Stewart giving the camera a cheeky thumbs up. 

In addition to the lemon cheesecake, both Oliver and Stewart also made a homemade pizza and salmon during the episode. "Martha Cooks" gives Stewart the opportunity to showcase her culinary talents as well as that of her guests, so who knows what hacks she may reveal in the future. It just goes to show that even the best chefs can still learn a thing or two.