Even Brian Cox Gets Hangry On The Succession Set

Have you ever been so ravenous that you've gotten into a terrible mood and taken it out on your friends, family, or coworkers? Maybe you've stormed out of a grocery store in a fit of rage because you were just too hungry to decide what to eat. Or even worse, perhaps you've started a fight in a Taco Bell after hearing that it was all out of Crunchwrap Supremes. If you've ever experienced any of the above, then you might have been hangry — a portmanteau of the words "hungry" and "angry." While it may sound like an exaggerated urban legend or mere internet slang, science has proven that hanger is real. And it affects just about everyone, even experienced actors. 

Kieran Culkin, who plays Roman Roy on the wildly popular HBO "Succession" series, now entering its final season, revealed some juicy secrets about his castmates in a piece for Esquire. In particular, he shared that Brian Cox, who plays his onscreen father Logan, is particularly susceptible to getting hangry on set. To be honest, with the average length of a typical filming day for a TV show surpassing 12 (and sometimes even 15) hours, who can blame him?

Why does Cox get hangry?

Culkin recently told Esquire that one of the things he'll miss most about filming with his onscreen dad is watching his hangry outbursts on set, which he finds hilarious. Culkin declined to provide specific quotes "because they'll definitely be misinterpreted," but he admitted that it is definitely "funny to see him lose his sh*t." Despite finding the whole thing amusing, Culkin also reportedly also asks production assistants to keep snacks nearby to quell Cox's hanger, which sounds just as sweet as Ample Hills' "Succession"-themed ice cream. On-set hanger also seems particularly fitting for "Succession," seeing as the series is known for its many food-themed insults that are often peppered throughout its hilarious dialogue.

Despite his hanger, Cox maintains that he is markedly different from Logan Roy, who is notorious for his angry and foul-mouthed personality and regularly drops a ton of expletives at his kids. "He's the antithesis of everything I believe in," right down to his political leanings, Cox recently told Sky News at a press screening in London.