Jonas Brothers New Song Unleashes Waffle House FOMO For New Yorkers

The Jonas Brothers are back at it again, with a new album — simply titled "The Album" — slated for release on May 12. Before that, though, the band of brothers will be dropping a new single, "Waffle House," which they first teased on Twitter on March 14. The pop tune features the line "So don't get stressed it's gon' get figured out, all deep conversations at the Waffle House." A few days later, on March 19, a fan uploaded a clip of Kevin, Joe, and Nick performing the bop live as part of promo for the upcoming album.

The teaser tweet contained a single sentence: "We just found out there isn't a Waffle House in NYC." This opened a doorway for fans to express their desires for the Atlanta-based breakfast eatery. "Sadly there is none at all in New York City or Long Island," wrote one in-the-know fan. Another had a business proposition for the brothers. "You guys can open the first Waffle House in NYC," the tweet read. One fan seemingly had their heart broken upon learning the news. "WHAT no Waffle House?" they wrote along with shocked-expression emojis. As confirmed by the lyrics, the brothers spent their fair share of time in the restaurant, which served as the inspiration for the song itself.

Waffle House could possibly expand in the future

In an Instagram post from last week, the Jonas Brothers explained the inspiration behind the song "Waffle House." As revealed from the caption, the three of them used to have sit downs at Waffle House to plan their next moves. "It was the place we dreamt up ideas, the place where we worked through our problems together, and the place where we finally realized we could find our way through anything as long as we came together," the post read. The song, which is set for debut on April 7, highlights that "When you sit down with the people that matter most, anything is possible."

The reasoning behind the lack of New York Waffle Houses are likely similar to the absence of restaurants in New Jersey. "The reason [there aren't any locations in New Jersey] is simple," Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner said to NJ. "We haven't gotten there yet." At the time the interview was conducted in 2017, she revealed the store has made it to 25 states. "We're slowly moving out our footprint," she said. This might be good news for New York City residents looking for a store to pop up in the future.