Here's Why Canada Stopped Selling Bagel Bites

Canada, our neighbor to the north, has got a lot going for it — affordable healthcare, spectacular scenery, and a mounted police force with really cool uniforms, to name a few. One area in which the U.S. comes out on top, however, is in the availability of a certain snack food. Yes, as countless Canadian Bagel Bites fans found out in 2022, their favorite frozen item is no longer available there.

But why? Was there a big Bagel Bites scandal we missed down here on the southern end of the Great Lakes? Or did the snack contain an ingredient that's now banned in Canada? Not that we're aware of. 

Instead, the snacks are not sold in Canada any more simply because they are no longer being produced in that country. Bagel Bites did not provide any specific reason why. When asked about it on Twitter, all the brand was able to say to distraught Canadian customers was: "Unfortunately, this particular line of products you are looking for has been discontinued."

The account also mentioned that, at that time, there were no plans to make a return in Canada any time soon. It did, however, provide a modicum of comfort by saying it would pass on a note to the Bagel Bites marketing team. This seems to imply that these snacks may have been dropped just because they weren't selling as well as expected, although it's possible that enough public outcry could bring them back again.

Little Debbies and Bugles are also gone from Canadian store shelves

The bad news for Canadian snack lovers doesn't stop with the discontinuation of Bagel Bites, as Little Debbie cakes are also off the shelves there. No more Cosmic Brownies, Swiss Rolls, or Zebra Cakes! The reason for this, as corporate communications and public relations manager Mike Gloekler shared with Dished, is because the company's only Canadian distributor opted to "terminate their business relationship with our brands for reasons that are entirely their own." Hmm, mysterious, but again, perhaps the decision was influenced by slumping sales.

But wait, that's not all. Bad things come in threes, and it seems that Bugles — you know, those corn chip finger dunce caps — are also no longer being sold in Canada. The snack brand told a disappointed would-be purchaser via Twitter that its products were not available to purchase in the country.

The company did, however, go on to tweet: "We're always listening to fans so maybe it will come back in the future." Until that time, Canadians, we've got plenty of Bugles, Bagel Bites, and Little Debbies here in the lower 48, so come on down!