The Surprising Candy That TikTok Star Ashley Yi Can't Get Enough Of - Exclusive

Ashley Yi likes to expose her millions of fans to foods they've never seen before. Whether she's eating jjajangmyeon noodles or crystal candy, Yi is always up for trying something new. The TikTok star told us in an exclusive interview that she began to learn more about her own Korean culture through food and wants others to experience that same excitement.

"When I started trying different Korean foods, it wasn't me sharing it for the heck of it; it was my first time trying it too," she explained. "What I do with my TikTok is I like to create the whole experience around trying a food, because I want people to know that [even though] it's something as small as a meal, it's something worth living for and experiencing and creating joy around it."

And when it comes to different types of candy and desserts, the California native has a favorite treat that's anything but ordinary. Her videos featuring freeze-dried candy have racked up millions of views, and it seems she enjoys the treats as much as her fans love watching her try them.

It's all about freeze-dried candy right now

Ashley Yi enjoys sharing her take on unique sweets like dole whip cheesecake and circus animal cake, but freeze-dried candy has quickly become her favorite go-to. "It's an experience," she revealed. "Candy's candy, but when it becomes this different form where it's unexpected, you don't know what it is. It's a little mind-boggling."

This type of treat has become massively popular over the last year. The candy essentially goes through a process that removes all of its moisture, which leaves behind pure, crunchy sugar crystals. "You'll have chocolate with caramel, like a Snickers, but the caramel becomes this fluffy, crispy foam," Yi explained. "It's crunchy and then it melts in your mouth, and you're like, 'What did I just experience?' That's what is fun about it, the different texture. Everyone should try it once."

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