Subway's Spicy Nacho Steak Sub Is Topped Off With Dorito Crumbles

Fast food secret menus can be a place where franchises test out some of their most cursed ideas as well as create beloved hits. Subway's endless sandwich toppings and customizable nature make it a treasure trove of hidden possibilities. It first introduced off-menu specials to test new sandwich ideas, and since then, it has added a few cult favorites to its invisible roster.

Subway's Pizza Sub Melt is an example of hidden menu lore. Other hidden gems (or better-off-forgotten fails, depending on your point of view) include the Old Cut, a riff on the old way Subway used to make its sandwiches by digging out the bread, and the Wing Effect, a style of packing the sandwich that leaves meat hanging out the sides for extra bread-free bites. The Spicy Nacho Steak Sub was first featured in 2015 in Southern California to test its success in the area. The zesty sandwich capitalizes on the best open secret in sandwich-making that everything tastes better with a crunch. While this magic ingredient usually comes in the form of potato chips, here, it is the welcomed addition of Doritos

The mouthwatering sub is made on your choice of bread with grilled steak. It's topped with Monterey Jack cheese and toasted until melty. Then, the sub is dressed with onions and fresh bell peppers. In its final step, things get crazy. The sandwich is lathered in Chipotle sauce and sprinkled with Nacho Cheese Dorito crumbles to pack a final punch of salty, zesty crunch.

Doritos? In a sandwich?

Fans of crunch inside their sandwiches using potato chips probably won't find this Subway meal a stretch. The chain has embraced this particular type of crispy sub addition, serving a "Baked Lays Footlong" in March 2023 at one location. The sandwich contained a single giant 12-inch Lays chip inside. However, some might be scandalized by the inclusion of corn chips beside fresh peppers and onions. Lovers of spice and flair should give this one a try anyway. After all, Doritos have already made it onto sushi, they may as well get a place on your sandwich. And hey, maybe it's past time everyone get on board with this life-changing lunchtime hack. 

Ordering off the Subway secret menu is sometimes a gamble, with some locations knowing the hidden sandwich offerings better than others. If you aren't able to get the Spicy Nacho Steak Sub at your local restaurant, you can always grab your own bag of Doritos and hack it together yourself. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you could switch it up by changing the filling or Doritos flavor. For example, you could choose Cool Ranch to compliment your buffalo chicken sub, or Spicy Sweet Chili to pair with your Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. If you channel the spirit of Subway's creativity, you could have a revolutionary new sub on your hands.