Is Taco Bell Open On Easter Sunday 2023?

Does something about Easter Sunday make you crave a delicious Crunchwrap Supreme? Are you so worn out after hunting for Easter eggs that you desperately need an ice-cold Mountain Dew Baja Blast? Well, Taco Bell fans are in luck. Taco Bell is in fact open with regular hours of operation on Easter Sunday 2023. If you are in Knoxville, Tennessee and avoiding pastel-colored foods all together, you can seize the day and try the limited-release new cheesy chicken crispanada. After all, nothing represents Christian tradition, dyed eggs, cute baby animals, marshmallow birds, and rabbit suits like Mexican-adjacent fast-food.

The only holidays that Taco Bell is officially closed for are Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve can vary by location, but otherwise, Taco Bell remains open with normal business hours for all the other major holidays. Taco Bell fans can "Live Mas" this spring, uninterrupted.

Look to the Taco Bell logo for another kind of Easter egg

So maybe Taco Bell doesn't have much to do with Easter Sunday traditions, but there is another kind of Easter egg at Taco Bell locations everywhere. Apparently, the Taco Bell logo contains a hidden image. This hidden Easter egg was discovered recently, and Reddit users have been engaging in fierce discourse on the subject.

What sinister subliminal message is Taco Bell trying to convey? Well, at least according to Reddit user aelbaum, "The Taco Bell logo is actually a taco bell." Internet sleuths say that the yellow internal part of the bell, a piece called the clapper, looks just like a crunchy taco. While some Taco Bell fans are shocked and charmed by the discovery, not everyone is convinced. The post was originally made under the thread r/DesignPorn, but user Nextlevelgamer34 said the post really belonged under the thread r/confidentlyincorrect. Taco Bell has not officially responded, so fans won't get to put this Easter egg in their basket quite yet.