Is McDonald's Open On Easter Sunday 2023?

Easter is coming up quickly and for many people, that means a large family celebration. Whether you attend church, visit your loved ones, or friends, a feast helps mark the occasion. Of course, it's traditional to celebrate with a giant ham, some sides, and dessert, but not everyone has the time to cook up a full feast. Or maybe you have the time, but you gave up fast food for Lent, and the ending of your 40 days of abstention will have you hankering for some burgers and fries. In either case, you might opt for McDonald's instead of a homemade feast.

Even though Easter falls on a Sunday and is considered a federal holiday in the United States, it can be a huge money-making day for restaurants and fast food chains. While not every fast food chain will be open — we're looking at you Chick-Fil-A — McDonald's will most likely be ready to supply you with a breakfast, lunch, or dinner feast. Since every McDonald's store is independently owned and operated, owners have the final say over regular and holiday hours. This can mean different hours at different locations, but most Mcdonald's will be open regular hours on Easter Sunday. If you're out of town or need to know the store hours in a pinch, the store locator tool can be accessed 24/7.

Is there a special Easter menu?

McDonald's is famous for its Filet-O-Fish sandwich which is a staple for many Christians and Catholics during the 40 days of Lent. The sandwich is one of the menu items that are acceptable to eat on Fridays when meat and pork are not permitted. For those who have been observing Lent, and are ready for a burger, McDonald's has no shortage of Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, and more. While McDonald's doesn't have a specific Easter menu, there are some limited-time Spring offerings at certain locations throughout the world.

For a limited time, U.S. McDonald's will sell strawberry shortcake-inspired McFlurries. Nothing says spring like strawberries, and while the dessert contains only strawberry syrup, it's still a fun nod to the changing seasons. Those living in Canada can experience an Easter treat in the form of a McFlurry. Canadian McDonald's are selling a Creme Egg McFlurry and a Cadbury Caramel Egg McFlurry, which are made with Cadbury chocolate and either fondant or caramel sauce in the vanilla soft serve. 

All of these spring-themed options are only available for a limited time, so those wanting to try them should check the hours of their local McDonald's and swing by at some point on their Easter day celebration.