The Aldi Pizza Snacks That Don't Quite Live Up To The Picture

We all know photos lie, especially the ones used for advertising. Thanks to photo editing software, wrinkles and other skin imperfections on people can be completely erased. Certain features can also be enhanced, not just in images of people, but in depictions of food as well. Every ingredient has the potential to appear flawless and perfectly positioned, and the portions always seem to look quite generous. But after we order what we see in the photo, reality smacks us in the face.

Marketing photos rarely mirror reality, as one Aldi customer experienced after buying a box of Hawaiian-style pizza snacks. The shopper posted a photo on Reddit of the box directly beneath the actual pizza snack to show the difference. The image on the box shows two plump pizza snacks cut in half, with plenty of filling oozing out of each half. But one of the snacks that came out of the box paled in comparison, according to the photo. Commenters weren't surprised at the discovery. "There's always a certain degree of catfish when you see the real product," one said. The original poster admitted to expecting disappointment, but pointed out that the label promises 60% crust and 40% ingredients. "The reality is more like 90% crust, which would be fine if it said so on the box," they said.

The real-life pizza snacks contained only a fraction of the pictured filling

Reddit user u/mister_potato captioned the post, "Factory fault or as intended?" Instead of the same thick amount of pineapple and tomatoes shown in the box photo, the shopper's pizza snack included only a fraction of this filling. The ingredients also appeared to be finely chopped to the point that they looked more like a sauce than chunky, chewable food. Plus, the overall thickness of the snack appeared much smaller than the box photo, almost as if it had been flattened.

Factory fault or as intended?
u/mister_potato_butt in

This isn't the first time a shopper posted on Reddit about having a disappointing experience with a package of food from Aldi. Earlier this year, one Redditor shared a photo of a mystery object found in a bag of frozen steak fries. But as far as we know, the real-life fries looked similar to the ones on the bag, so at least there's that. Hopefully the snack pictured above was, in fact, a factory fault, and other shoppers won't experience the same Aldi pizza snack disappointment that u/mister_potato did.