Kourtney Kardashian's Bathroom Floor Meal Is Grossing Out Her Fans

Whether they are frequenting luxury LA cake shops or going on family lunch dates, the Kardashians, arguably the world's most famous influencer family, will always ensure there is a cute Instagram post to match. Kourtney is no exception to this, often posting about her (mostly) plant-based diet, which she has been vocal about since marrying dedicated vegan Travis Barker last year.

While some of Kourtney's food-related posts have garnered positive attention from fans (aside from the internet roasting her wedding food), a more recent post has been greeted more harshly. The now-viral photo dump, posted to Instagram on March 27, features a carousel of pictures — one of which shows a bathtub surrounded by plates of food, including strawberries and champagne, placed on the floor and toilet seat.

Fans and trolls were quick to head to the comments section to express their disgust as they assumed that Kourtney was eating in the bathroom. "Food in the bathroom is not the move," commented one user, alongside the green puke emoji. A different commenter found the plate of food sitting on the toilet gross. "That bathroom scene is what nightmares are made of," another person commented.

Kourtney Kardashian responds

Some commenters defended Kourtney Kardashian by suggesting certain bathroom behaviors people might engage in seem hypocritical. "People are commenting about food in the bathroom but you take your phone in the bathroom and then have it at the table taking pics of your food... same difference. Let Kourt live!" one person said. Another user remarked that it was more likely the food wouldn't actually be consumed. "It's a photo shoot! You all actually think she is going to eat? Lmao."

It seems that this was correct as according to Page Six, Kardashian later revealed that the photo was indeed a glimpse behind the scenes of a shoot for plant-based chicken company Daring that she and her husband Travis had taken part in last year. She also took to her Insta stories to eat up the attention to the negative comments, by sharing the picture on her story and captioning it "the comments on this photo" alongside the spiral eyes emoji.