Don't Dump Out Those Leftover Salted Chocolate Bits From Your Costco Chocolates

If you're among the many people raving about Costco's chocolates, prepare yourself to rave some more. Not only are the Sanders dark chocolate sea salt caramels a fan-favorite but they're also a lot more versatile than you might think.

You can eat them as they are, or as Reddit users recommended, you can also use them to zhuzh up your ice cream. One Redditor suggested microwaving the chocolates until they're melted, then drizzling them over it. Another Redditor jumped in to say you can use the leftover salt and chocolate crumbs as sprinkles. Who doesn't love a little bit of salty and sweet, right?

Even if ice cream isn't necessarily your dessert of choice, there are plenty of other fun ways to use these Costco chocolates — and their crumbs — assuming you manage to get your hands on a jar. After all, everyone wants them.

Ways to use Sanders dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Like we said before, there's nothing wrong with eating your chocolates straight out of the jar; but, if you want to use them in desserts, you've come to the right place. Inspired by Charm, for example, has a salted caramel crumb bar recipe that calls for caramel candies, but you could easily swap in the Sanders dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Costco. However, keep in mind that you'll want to use less salt in the recipe to account for the salt in the chocolates.

Another recipe from Of Batter & Dough suggests adding these chocolates (chopped or as crumbs) to the top of blondies or brownies for a dash of salted caramel goodness. That being said, you can also get creative and try out recipes of your own. You can make a chocolate salted caramel cupcake inspired by the candies, and then top them with the crumbs. You can even add the crumbs to a salted caramel iced coffee recipe for an extra special touch. The possibilities are endless.