People Are Raving About These Costco Chocolates

Costco's numerous chocolate offerings are perfect if you're someone who likes to sift through many options and don't mind buying in bulk to feed your chocolate cravings. According to The Kitchn, Costco has plenty to offer: both the usual suspects in the chocolate game and certain chocolates that take the store's customers by storm every once in a while. 

A piece by Spoon University recommends that chocolate-loving fans pause and look for a bunch of items that are guaranteed to make them happy, such as the Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Clusters, which are filled with a mishmash of almonds, caramel, marshmallows, and chocolate. Every bite will purportedly make you feel like you are feasting on Rocky Road ice cream. That does sound delicious, doesn't it?  And if you're a die-hard chocoholic, you'll be happy to know that a certain box of chocolates from Costco is making many customers rave about its unmatched flavors.

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels have a fan following

As detailed by a Costco enthusiast on Instagram, Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are priced $3 cheaper than usual until November 19. Many commenters say that the chocolates are absolutely divine and on the list of their favorites from the store. A reviewer praised the chocolates on Costco's page and wrote that they'd love to see them on the shelves 24/7 and opined that the combination of different flavors is out of this world.

Another fan waxed eloquent about the candy, stating that they find the chocolate to be rich in flavor, with the perfect texture. "It's been about a year since I've eaten these delightful treasures, but I still remember each bite I encountered was a mouth watering treat, where there was a melding of incredible rich flavors with the salt contributing an ever so slight crunch," they wrote. It's probably a good idea to find out for yourself and make sure you're not missing out on these delectable chocolates.