Eggs Prices Too High? Try Joining Farmer's Only

Just Crack an Egg and, are coming together for a new "Just Date a Farmer" campaign. So what brings a company that makes breakfast scramble kits and an online dating site for farmers and those interested in a rural lifestyle together? Well, the answer is the egg shortage, of course. In some areas, egg prices may have peaked, but supply is still an issue. Some people are even buying chickens in an attempt to get cheaper access to eggs, as reported by The New York Times, but that move has a significant upfront cost for both the chicks and the structure to house them. Why buy chickens when you can just date a farmer that already has plenty of birds (and eggs) instead? At least, that was the thought of the two companies.

The new partners announced in a press release that after buying any Just Crack an Egg kit, purchasers can simply upload a photo of their receipt to the website to receive a promotional code for a free one-year premium subscription to The offer lasts from April 12 to May 19 and is limited to one code per person.

Why are Just Crack an Egg and Farmer's Only partnering?

The Just Date a Farmer campaign is meant to give "an unconventional solution while providing a little humor along the way," says Kelsey Rice, the senior brand manager at Just Crack an Egg. While a little off the wall, the campaign seems to make sense — for both consumers and the business partners. Just Crack an Egg is essentially all the ingredients for a breakfast scramble, packaged and ready to be microwaved with the addition of an egg. With egg prices already so high, egg-related companies that produce products like mayonnaise, baked goods, and yes, Just Crack an Egg, are also feeling the inflation pinch and could use some extra business.

For those that are genuinely interested in giving a try, the deal does present some savings. A premium membership typically costs $27.95 for a single month, though that price drops to $13.99 per month if users subscribe for six months at a time. That means that for the price of one Just Crack an Egg kit, usually sold for between $2 and $3 each, promo participants are getting at least a $167 value on a year-long Farmer's Only membership. With savings like that, the deal may just attract at least some of the scrambled egg lovers, ranch hands with chickens galore, and single folks that need both eggs and a lover that it seeks.