People Are Calling Jennifer Lopez A Hypocrite Over Her New Cocktail Line

Many of us enjoy the foods that celebs have endorsed. Selena Gomez can't live without Flamin' Hot Cheetos? We can't, either. Scott Conant's favorite late-night snack is popcorn? Well, duh, ours, too. The point is that we trust celebs' endorsements, but only while their words match their actions.

Sadly, it seems this hasn't been the case for Jennifer Lopez's latest venture, a spritz cocktail line called Delola. According to CBS News, Lopez has spent years spreading awareness about alcoholism, so naturally, her fans found the Delola launch to be hypocritical of everything Lopez has been preaching.

Upon seeing Lopez's Instagram announcement, fans commented, "Makes no sense as she doesn't drink," and, "Why would we buy alcohol from someone who doesn't even drink their product?" Others bashed her for launching a cocktail line with her own husband still recovering from alcohol addiction. Sorry, J.Lo, but people don't seem to be interested in Delola's "premium spirits" and "natural botanicals," given everything else that's going on.

Jennifer Lopez's Delola cocktail line could have been a big hit

Bottled and canned cocktails have been on the rise in the last year or so, as they're tasty and easy to enjoy. But not only is Jennifer Lopez's cocktail line ready-to-drink straight out of the bottle, it also offers the benefits of being low-calorie, gluten-free, and naturally colored.

However, her fans weren't impressed, with another Instagram follower pointing out, "It doesn't matter what type of 'good for you ingredients' and 'healthy labels' is in alcohol, it's still a carcinogenic toxin." Others called the line's claims about botanicals and low calories "irrelevant."

That being said, a few people offered Lopez constructive criticism, suggesting that she should have launched a non-alcoholic cocktail line. Not only would this have been more in line with Lopez's personal lifestyle, but it would have shown her fans (especially young fans) that they don't need alcohol to have fun. There's still time for Lopez to make things right, but in the meantime, we'll be sipping on non-alcoholic wine.