Krispy Kreme Releases 4 Donut Flavors Even The Cookie Monster Would Love

For a limited time, Krispy Kreme is releasing collaborations with two leaders in the cookie industry to create its Cookie Blast Collection. The first of the four donuts is the Chips Ahoy! Candy Blasts donut, which is glazed with pieces of cookie, candies, and chocolate chips. Another creation — also celebrating Chips Ahoy! — is the Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough Kreme donut, which has a cookie dough icing drizzle, chocolate icing, miniature cookies, and a cookies and creme filling. To switch focus to another famed cookie, the Oreo Cookies & Kreme Filled donut is filled with cookies and cream and decorated with Oreo pieces, chocolate icing, and an original icing drizzle. The final cookie donut is for lovers of both. Krispy Kreme's Oreo and Chips Ahoy! Cookie Blast donut is topped with mini versions of each cookie and finished with cookie dough icing, cookie pieces, and filled with cream and chewy Chips Ahoy! cookies. 

Though this new collaboration will only be available until May 7, 2023, this may not be the last time Krispy Kreme chooses to work with these companies. After all, it's definitely not the first time, and past promotions between the two have earned the attention of donut and cookie lovers alike. 

Krispy Kreme donuts and cookies are a perfect match

Krispy Kreme has a somewhat continuous relationship with Chips Ahoy! and Oreo. In 2018, Krispy Kreme debuted a limited-edition Cookie Classics lineup with three different donut selections. In this collaboration, Krispy Kreme released Nutter Butter, Oreo, and Chips Ahoy! themed treats. The Oreo Cookies and Kreme donuts were loaded with cookies and cream filling and topped with cookie pieces, chocolate, and a drizzle of icing. The Chips Ahoy! donut in this past collaboration was crowned with its own miniature cookies, dark chocolate icing, and cookie dough cream filling. The Nutter Butter Cookie Twist upgraded Krispy Kreme's classic twist donut with peanut butter icing, Nutter Butter cookie chunks, and a peanut butter drizzle.  

If that's not enough to prove the success of cookie donuts, Krispy Kreme's permanent Oreo-topped menu item might be, but you'll have to go to Australia to enjoy it. Simply called the Krispy Kreme with Oreo, this cookie donut features a cookies and cream filling and is topped with icing and cookie crumbles. 

The four donuts in Krispy Kreme's Cookie Blast Collection can either be bought individually or in a Cookie Blast Dozen in stores. Some donuts in this collection will also be available in 6-packs in grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, and Publix until the promotion ends on May 7, 2023.