Use One Professional Baking Hack To Elevate Chocolate Chip Cookies (Made From Store-Bought Dough)

When you're craving freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and simply don't have the desire (or skill, if you're not much of a baker) to whip up a batch from scratch, there's an easy solution — store-bought cookie dough. Sure, it may not be as tasty as a carefully crafted homemade dough with the highest-quality ingredients, but it'll satisfy your craving for some ooey, gooey cookies in mere minutes. In fact, we highly recommend having a package on hand at all times, just in case of cookie emergencies.

However, if you're a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur who is frequently left underwhelmed by store-bought cookie dough, there's a baking hack you may want to try out that will help elevate the packaged cookies to a whole new level. And, it requires no extra equipment, so even the most novice bakers with under-equipped kitchens will be able to test it out.

TikTok user @mealsandmunchies posted a short video in which she shared a simple trick she swears by — she underbakes her cookies slightly in order to get that soft texture she prizes.

Many instructions indicate to bake chocolate chip cookies until the edges are golden brown; but, in the video, the cookies that emerge are quite pale and still look almost molten. However, once they've cooled a bit they become the perfect texture.

More tips for elevating your store-bought cookie dough

In order to avoid the cookies continuing to bake on the hot baking sheet, @mealsandmunchies also recommends transferring them to a cooling rack immediately after removing them from the oven, contrary to what many instructions say to do. While she moves each cookie individually, it's a bit tricky when the underbaked cookies are still very hot and soft. To make your life a little easier, we suggest lining your baking sheet so you can simply slide off your cookie-topped parchment paper. According to one commenter, sliding the paper is a tactic she employed while working at a bakery, as it allows the cookies to maintain their shape even when they're transferred off the baking sheet piping hot.


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Looking to copy her hack at home but don't have access to the exact brand and size of cookies she used? Don't worry — it will depend on the particular cookies you've purchased, so just check out the instructions and bake them for a little bit less time than recommended in order to achieve the underbaked ideal.

If you want to amp up the flavor as well as the texture of your store-bought cookie dough, consider topping them with nuts for some extra crunch, or a sprinkle of sea salt to really bring out the sweetness. Or, to put your own twist on the classic cookie, mix in whatever added ingredients you think would work, such as pretzels, caramel pieces, extracts, or chunks of chocolate.