Pringles Hard-Launches New Takis-Inspired Chip Flavors

Pringles are without a doubt one of the world's most lucrative chip brands. U.S. sales of the potato crisps hit $900 million in 2022, and in the U.K., the growing snack brand has even helped parent company Kellogg's make up for falling cereal sales, per BusinessLive. Distributed globally, Pringles are known to come in different flavors throughout the world — from Emmental cheese in Europe to buttery Hokkaido scallop in Japan. Now, Kellogg's has decided to launch two of Mexico's most popular Pringles flavors in the U.S., and let's just say they're pretty hot.

Per Food Business News, States-based customers will soon be able to shop locally for Enchilada Adobada Pringles — featuring flavors of adobo, hot chili peppers, and lime — and Las Meras Meras Habaneras Pringles, which are fiery chips seasoned with roasted habanero chili peppers, lime, and salt. These flavors won't be joining the U.S. lineup permanently; they'll be available at 7-Eleven stores and other non-convenience stores from this May through early 2024.

Do these new-to-some flavors sound familiar? If so, that may be because their flavor profiles seem to be similar to a few varieties of Takis, including the spicy snack brand's original chili-lime Fuego flavor and Habanero Fury kettle chips. The Adobada Pringles feel especially similar to Takis' Fuego Crisps, from the shape of the stackable chips to the purple packaging. However, a representative from Kellogg's confirmed to Mashed that these new Pringles are not inspired by Takis' flavors, but by "unique cooking styles and flavor combinations in Mexico." 


People are crunching into the new Pringles flavors

Some Stateside customers have already sampled the Enchilada Adobada and Las Meras Meras Habaneras Pringles flavors, and reviews have been pretty good so far. Both boost a four out of five rating on the Pringles website. One reviewer of the Habaneras flavor wrote, "Impulse buy ... and I'm buying these again! I can taste the peppers and the lime. They are pretty hot but not ridiculously so." A self-proclaimed fan of Scorchin' Pringles said the seasoning "nails the heat and smoky sweet flavor of a habanero."

Taste testers Dave and Jeff of The Snack Network also provided a review of the Pringles duo on their YouTube channel. The pair echoed others' feedback that the Habaneras flavor is "not overpowering" in heat, describing it as peppery instead. As for the Enchilada Adobada flavor, which the reviewers said they enjoyed the most, they quipped: "It's got the spices you put on meat inside of Mexican food," "almost like the seasoning of chorizo."