Patron's Newest Prestige Tequila Takes The Distillation Process Up A Notch

Since 1989, Patrón has been working to expand its product line. The Mexico-based brand offers tequilas aged for various periods of time using a slew of methods, such as oak barrels and wine barrels. However, with the introduction of El Cielo, the liquor company takes its tequila distillation to a new level. This new "prestige" tequila will be a bit different from what Patrón usually produces. For one, it will be significantly more expensive than most of the brand's offerings, and two, it will be distilled four times, which isn't very common in the tequila world.

Oftentimes, excessive distilling is used to reduce any distinct flavor (as in the case of vodka) but according to the brand's master distiller David Rodriguez, this won't happen with El Cielo. Instead, he claims this method will help produce a smoother, sweeter tequila than anything Patrón has made before. If you're looking to try it, be ready to shell out a bit of cash, as a bottle of El Cielo costs $129. And, if you want to enjoy the drink in its ideal form, Patrón recommends skipping complicated cocktails and simply serving it with ice and an orange peel.

El Cielo may be pricey but it's not the most expensive

Though El Cielo is Patrón's latest prestige tequila, it isn't actually the brand's first — or its most expensive. Although El Cielo costs a pretty penny, if you really want to dole out the dosh aim for Patrón's El Alto, which is priced at $179. Both tequilas claim to contain 100% Weber blue agave and, according to Mexican law, any of this liquor with less than 51% agave cannot be classified as tequila. In addition, blue agave, identified by its blueish-green hue and spiky features, can only be found where the ground is sandy (generally in the Jalisco region of central Mexico), which may be driving up the cost.

It's unclear how long El Cielo is aged, but the answer could explain why El Alto is more pricy. El Alto is made from a blend of tequilas including Patrón's "Extra Añejo," which is aged for four years. Sold in a slightly larger 750 ml bottle, this sweet-tasting liquor has notes of vanilla, dried fruit, and caramel. Neither El Alto nor El Cielo can be purchased through Patron's website — however, it does have a store locator that can aid you in your quest.