TGI Fridays Apparently Has Snack Chips Inspired By An Iconic Appetizer

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As a casual restaurant, TGI Fridays is partially known for its appetizers. Focusing on these pre-dinner plates can definitely draw customers — 39% of Americans claim they usually order them. TGI Fridays is not lacking in appetizer choices, but some stand above the others. For example, mozzarella sticks came second place in a Mashed-conducted survey that asked readers the best appetizer at TGI Fridays. The restaurant must keep up with the trends because they actually sell baked mozzarella stick corn snacks for those who want a non-traditional taste of the favorite. Similar to mozzarella sticks, these snacks are both crispy and cheesy.

But if you're searching for an authentic rendition of the brand's mozzarella sticks, this isn't where to find it. Sure, the Amazon rating may have mustered up an average of 3.8 stars, but a sizeable number of previous consumers believe the taste is nothing like the appetizer that ranked second in our survey. One reviewer likened it to a flavorless Cheeto. Others felt misled by the labeling on the package. The taste, while assumingly incorrect, still managed to be impressive to some. "These are AMAZING I loved them," one individual said in part. However, negative reviews were the least of the company's worries caused by the snack.

This product actually resulted in a lawsuit

Before the snack's package clearly read "corn snacks," the mozzarella-stick-inspired chips were the subject of a lawsuit. In February 5, 2021, an Illinois woman, Amy Joseph, sought legal help for the snack's lack of transparency. "Despite its label, the Product does not contain mozzarella cheese; rather, it contains cheddar cheese," the filed lawsuit explained (per Today). Joseph argued that a snack with "mozzarella cheese" on its packaging should truthfully contain the cheese. Its parent company, Inventure Foods, faced the case alone after TGI Fridays was ultimately dismissed.

Truthfully, TGI Fridays already sells a fried, frozen, and authentic version of its mozzarella sticks in stores. These have an overall customer rating at Walmart of 4.2 stars, with 269 reviewers leaving a perfect 5-star score (as of this writing). Although it's common for store-made products to taste different than their restaurant-prepared counterparts, many reviewers found them a suitable replacement when a TGI Fridays isn't nearby.