We Would Totally Eat The Taco Bell Employee-Created Spaghetti Taco

Taco Bell is known to have some pretty creative items on its menu. From Doritos Locos Tacos to Enchiritos and the Double Chalupa, the Mexican-inspired fast food chain is committed to crafting combinations that are equal parts eccentric and aligned with the chain's typically meaty, cheesy, and spicy flavors. Some Taco Bell menu items, like its iconic nacho fries, come and go sporadically, while other creations may not ever see the light of day — such as the spaghetti taco.

You read that right. Spaghetti. Taco. Although it may sound like a culinary faux pas, the Italian-Mexican creation actually looks like a delight. One innovative Taco Bell employee recently shared an image of the unusual meal via Reddit after their manager brought in spaghetti for the shift crew. "So ofc I had to make a spaghetti taco," the employee captioned the photo.

A hard-shelled taco overflowing with pasta and ground meat and sprinkled with grated parmesan, this informal Taco Bell original combines two crave-worthy cultural influences for a culinary spectacle we'd try in a heartbeat. We're not the only ones: One Redditor summed up most commenters' thoughts by demanding, "What an abomination! Put it on the menu." Another hungry innovator quipped, "Can I get that as a burrito...grilled...please?"

The nostalgic origin of spaghetti tacos

If you've ever seen Nickelodeon's "iCarly," you might already be familiar with spaghetti tacos. One of the show's beloved main characters, Spencer Shay, invented the beautiful monstrosity when he couldn't decide between eating tacos or spaghetti. The unusual meal went on to become a recurring joke on "iCarly" and inevitably caught fire across the internet, materializing as a very real dinner option for fans of the show. In a 2010 issue of The New York Times, the paper even mentioned the show's spaghetti tacos on its food section's cover.

If you're feeling inspired by the offbeat snack, making your own is as simple as boiling noodles, draining the water, adding pasta sauce, assembling it into the taco shell of your choice, and topping it with grated cheese. At least they're easy to make — because as much as people might love to get their hands on an official Taco Bell spaghetti taco, there seem to be no plans for the chain to implement Spencer Shay's culinary opus any time soon.