The Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffets In Every State

If there is one thing more American than apple pie, it's a buffet with boundless, unlimited food options. The word buffet might be French, and the dining style's predecessor might have been the Swedish smorgasbord, but nowadays, the best buffets are in the U.S.A. From quintessential Chinese-American feasts to buttery rolls and soft-serve ice cream machines, the all-you-can-eat buffet was perfected in the new world.  

Now is a great time to dine without limits. The pandemic wasn't kind to self-serve establishments, and inflation hasn't been a boon to buffets, either. Any buffet that survived the last few years of turmoil has a few tricks up its sleeve. We set out on a grand tour to find out what was hiding inside the chafing plates of this country's best surviving all-you-can-eat options. We excluded all-you-can-eat-buffet chains with a significant national presence on our list of each state's best buffet. While there are undoubtedly some great Golden Corrals and Shoney's out there, the buffets you're about to meet are local legends. 

Alabama: Martha's Place

In the Heart of Dixie, Martha is in charge of home cooking. Southern hospitality starts with a free soft drink and ends with plenty of room for seconds or (thirds.) Martha's main dishes fill trays on an alternating menu. Tuesday features chicken & dumplings, and Thursday brings liver & onions. Fried chicken is piled high every day of the week. This all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of soul food is accompanied by the restaurant's award-winning collard greens. Martha's greens won an Iron Skillet award that helped establish the restaurant's place as a Montgomery staple. 

Alaska: Gold Creek Salmon Bake

The call of the wild led us towards all-you-can-eat salmon piled high on an alder wood-fired grill in Juneau. The night starts with a bowl of clam chowder and a walk through the beer tent before you settle into the festivities, which include live music in addition to the grilled salmon feast. Several local tour groups run day trips that end the adventure at the Salmon Bake. No matter what night you dine, roaring waterfalls set the mood, and the river provides great ambiance 24/7. 

Arizona: Govinda's Natural Food Buffet

Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet's colorful setting and exotic bird sanctuary go well with the bright Indian dishes powered by freshly ground spices and vegetarian ingredients. The buffet has provided Tuscon with gourmet vegetarian cuisine since 1992 and is still committed to improvement. Its current menu advertises a goal of sourcing organic vegetables from a garden plot next door. Govinda's even does three vegan nights a week. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, you can eat to your heart's content with no animal products. Special feasts some Sundays include a musical mantra meditation and discussions on transcendental Vedic philosophy. The restaurant also invites you to eat free on Krishna Fest, a day of drama and fire shows.  

Arkansas: Fat Chance's Buffet

You'll have to keep track of Fat Chance's whereabouts on Facebook. The catering company and buffet doesn't have much of an internet presence, probably because it's too busy frying frogs' legs. That hasn't stopped the buffet from building a dedicated local following that's clamoring for crab cakes. The buffet king of De Queen, Arkansas, has a legendary local menu. Offerings span from catfish to chicken strips, always served with heaping piles of boiled or fried shrimp. 

California: Hikari Sushi

California is full of great sushi options, but Hikari's all-you-can-eat menu sets itself apart through a list of rolls that spans several pages. Enjoy limitless quantities of Mexi-Cali avocado-topped rolls, Chatsworth rolls that combine sashimi and avocado, and a selection of no-rice rolls that help you get your fill of fresh fish. Sushi isn't the only thing you can enjoy in abundance at Hikari. The wide-ranging unlimited menu includes quail egg shooters, edamame, and popcorn shrimp, amongst a host of other fried, baked, and fresh delights.

Colorado: Kathmandu Restaurant

Nederland, Colorado's Kathmandu restaurant provides heaping piles of authentic Nepalese food. The restaurant's quality is evidenced by its wide-ranging selection of awards. Kathmandu was recognized in the past as the best Boulder restaurant above 8,000 feet, the best Indian food in Boulder, and the best restaurant in Nederland. The restaurant's success is built on the back of its authentic flavor and its lunch buffet. Head to the buffet lineup to scoop your Northern Indian and Himalayan delicacies and expect to find fresh naan waiting for you when you return to the table.   

Connecticut: Banana Brazil Grill

The charcoal that powers this buffet travels a long way to get to this restaurant. Banana Brazil Grill spruces its meat with charcoal imported from Brazil, a key detail that highlights this restaurant's commitment to traditional Brazilian steakhouse practices. These steakhouses are inspired by churrasco-chomping gauchos, and unlimited skewers of chicken, pork, beef, and ribs have made waves all the way up in Connecticut. Banana Brazil has four locations in the state and a menu that goes well beyond the picanha. A well-stocked salad bar, fried plantains, and even okra are common sightings on plates overloaded with international flavor. 

Delaware: Old Mill Crab House

The Old Mill Crab House backs up its respectable meme game with four fresh all-you-can-eat options that escalate exponentially. The entry-level option is called Delmarvelous Fried Chicken and comes with fried chicken & shrimp, hush puppies, clam strips, and corn on the cob. Start to build some steam by adding steamed shrimp to the ensemble, a taste so tempting that passionate fans drive 3+ hours for a biannual all-you-can-eat bonanza. And if that's not quite enough to fill your plate, you can upgrade to the two most luxurious options featuring snow and/or blue crabs.

Florida: Boma Buffet

You'll find the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Florida at the happiest place on Earth. In Disney World, it's called all-you-care-to-enjoy, but the goal is the same: make it back for fourths. Head to Animal Kingdom with an appetite and dine under thatched roofs in this African market-themed experience. As a buffet inside a family-friendly resort, Boma casts a wide net to provide unlimited portions of the whole family's favorite flavors. There are items from over 50 African countries that invite adventurous eaters to try Bobotie while providing safer bets like mac & cheese to guarantee that everyone leaves full. 

Georgia: Ole Times Country Buffet

If you close your eyes and dream of Southern food, chances are the first ten things that pop into your head are available now at the Ole Times Country Buffet. This love letter to traditional Southern cooking is a safe space to sample all sorts of American classics. There is a saying on the wall inside of Ole Times Country Buffet: "Southern cookin' makes ya good lookin'." Every time we see another full plate of fried okra departing the queue, we can't help but agree. Lady's Fingers are always a sign of a good time on a Southern menu. Around these parts, they call fried okra Georgia popcorn and practically serve it by the bushel.

Hawaii: Toa Luau

Nobody turns unlimited plates into an entire evening quite like the Toa Luau, a three-hour show, tour, and feast. You've got to bring a bit extra to the table to be considered the best all-you-can-eat in a state like Hawaii. This Samoan-influenced Luau starts with a splash and a swim in the tropical rivers of Waimea Valley before settling into a three-hour educational display. It's a stunning example of what a Hawaiian luau is really like, capped off with an umu (ground oven) pig roast and handwoven baskets stuffed with sides.

Idaho: Stockman's Restaurant

 Stockman's banquet menu features six great buffet options, but you don't need to rent out the whole space to eat it all. The state's best steakhouse has all-you-can-eat sirloin steak that pairs well with Idaho potatoes that come mashed, loaded, baked, garlic-y, or fried with parmesan. Each endless steak order comes with your choice of two sides, so while you could always double up on mashed potatoes & gravy, strategically speaking, you might want to opt for grilled onions to save stomach space for sirloin.  

Illinois: Red Apple Buffet

There are almost a million people living in the Chicago area with Polish roots, so it's only fitting for the area to have great options for Eastern European cuisine. The Red Apple is the happy result of a Polish immigration story. The acclaimed all-you-can-eat buffet provides unlimited portions with a hand-made touch. Whether you're homesick or curious, there is no better way to taste homestyle Polish food than by heading to the Red Apple for its weekend buffet and putting it all on one plate. The restaurant even keeps the fridge stocked with Polish beer to complete the experience. 

Indiana: Stoll's Lakeview

Stoll's Lakeview buffet takes the traditional flavor from Amish Country and heads down south into Martin County. The buffet serves the cuisine from Amish strongholds in Elkhart and Lagrange counties in a building on West Bogg Lake in Loogootee. An unlimited supply of Amish comfort food makes for a smashing success, and the buffet is the #1-rated restaurant in Loogootee on Tripadvisor. While the proprietors aren't afraid to embrace modern technology to keep the buffet running, the unique restaurant hasn't been redecorated since the 1980s. For decades, it's been serving the same fried chicken and continuing to enjoy success. 

Iowa: Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

The Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet sits hundreds of people and you still might have to wait for a table on Sunday night. Once you sit, the real fun begins. Tonight, you get to pick your own adventure. On one side of the restaurant, professional chefs flip shrimp and dazzle at the hibachi grill. On the other, 250+ different buffet choices lead to a lifetime's worth of dinner combinations. Ten different stands run the gamut of sushi, steaks, seafood, and mashed potatoes. The epic space, featuring chandeliers and floral arrangements above each buffet table, is well-suited for large groups to dine together and make sure everyone gets to eat what they want. 

Kansas: Buffet City

This strip mall standout is enjoying a great run, taking home several Wichita Eagle Reader's Choice Awards every year. In 2019, The Wichita Eagle's Reader's Choice Awards named Buffet City best in five classes. The Eagle's readers voted by the plateful, nominating and awarding the establishment for the best lunch, best Chinese, best locally-owned, and best pho, all underneath one green chandelier. It also marked four years of dominance as the best all-you-can-eat buffet. Two years later, Buffet City claimed the title of best family restaurant and reached the top of the charts in six categories. One buffet restaurant sweeping awards like that in the largest city in Kansas deserves recognition. 

Kentucky: Yoki Buffet

One local Louisville food blogger recognized Yoki Buffet as both off the beaten path and a notch above the rest, largely because it stocks the fresh blue crab and seafood options that lead to a second look and a third helping. If you can make it past the stacks of crab legs, sushi, and halved hamburgers with some space on your plate, fill it with freshly stir-fried specials at the hibachi grill. Yoki Buffet even passed the ultimate test: teenagers. A YouTube reviewer brought his picky high schooler who doesn't like Chinese food, but the whole family sat down with big smiles and full plates. The reviewer said, "I'll tell you what, anybody comes here, and they can't find something they like to eat, there's something wrong with them."

Louisiana: Court of Two Sisters

You can't just walk into the Court Of Two Sisters. Stomp, sway, and strut your way to your seat and enjoy a Jazz brunch in New Orleans' French Quarter. Seven days a week, live music accompanies an all-you-can-eat display, Louisiana-style. The menu offers rare opportunities for improvisation, like coating breakfast pastries in chicken & sausage gumbo for a Creole twist on biscuits & gravy. Time your entrance right and enjoy plenty of time to sample both the breakfast and lunch-only options. A changing of the guard at 11:30 replaces breakfast classics like scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with lunch options like pasta primavera and shrimp etouffee. 

Maine: The Harraseeket Inn

A day of shopping at the outlets is best done on a full stomach. Harraseeket Inn serves as a great home base for a shopping trip to the famous Freeport Outlets for two reasons: a walkable location and an A+ breakfast buffet. The Inn provides an endless breakfast selection that's open to the public and is known to mark special occasions with loaded Sunday brunches. Hit up Freeport for Mother's Day weekend to catch some sales and munch on unlimited Hawkes Lobster on the half shell. 

Maryland: Hooper's Crab House

Hooper's Crab House works differently, with a wide-ranging a la carte selection, including a Lil' Hooper Troopers kids menu, to offer meals for all stomach sizes. Anyone just wanting a salad doesn't have to pay full price, and everyone else can crack unlimited crab. The all-you-can-eat experience consists of five key dishes: steamed crabs, steamed shrimp, Hooper's fried chicken, corn on the cob, and hush puppies. Add on Hooper's Stadium Cup Special and enjoy $4 refills of draft beers for as long as you keep putting back shrimp. 

Massachusetts: Hot Pot Buffet

Clam chowdah isn't the only steaming bowl you can order in Boston. Hot Pot Buffet preps four different broths and a page-long list of meat and veggie options to fill the pot with endless combinations of pork intestines and kelp knots. Perhaps most enticing are the hours: steaming pots are on from 2 pm until 2 am. Nothing fills your belly after a long cold night in the Northeast like unlimited hot broth. Legend has it that Hot Pot's also got a pretty serious secret menu. Study up on your Mandarin, or take a friend from a Chinese Club out to dinner, and you might gain access to more choices.

Michigan: Fuji Japanese Buffet

Step through the doors and stop by the lobster tank to decide if you'd like to add a live lobster to the already wide-ranging buffet. Even if you say no to crustaceans, you'll have an aisle full of fresh fish to scoop in the sushi section alone. The selection of sea creatures runs as deep as the giant squid sleeps, slowly transitioning from fresh sushi to fried and steamed options with rows of oysters, mussels, crab legs, and peel-your-own crawfish. Fuji fills out its offerings with a decadent kimchi & seafood salad stand and a steamer station featuring chicken feet.

Minnesota: Mama Sheila's House of Soul

Mama Sheila's House of Soul is lined with art pieces and memorabilia gathered to celebrate soul music legends. Start your evening face-to-face with Prince, and spend your time digesting the history displayed on this buffet's walls. Mama Sheila's decor sets the ambiance while her food brings the heat. This Northern stronghold of Southern-style home cookin' is known for its homestyle mac & cheese. Another must-sample is the smothered or Buffalo-style fried chicken options, which are sent to soak in finger-licking hotel pans filled with sauce and are available in unlimited quantities. 

Mississippi: Palace Buffet

The SunHerald polled 120,000 readers to discover their favorite casino buffet. The Palace dominated from start to finish, garnering more than 74% of the vote in the final round. Perhaps the secret to the buffet's large fanbase is its wide-ranging station selection. The buffet serves up dinner with four cooking stations that turn the all-you-can-eat offerings up a notch. Cooks prepare made-to-order dishes at the Flames, Coastal, and Asian stations, while the Comfort department offers up Southern classics.

Missouri: Grand Country Inn

Branson, Missouri, the self-proclaimed live entertainment capital of the world, attracts visitors with affordably priced excess of all varieties. Grand Country Inn takes things even higher to stand above the crowd in a town full of gargantuan resorts with extensive buffet lines. The hotel has a waterpark, big banjos, unlimited bacon in the morning, and a pizza buffet at night, all accompanied by a spread that slowly changes throughout the day. Trays are filled with fresh fruits and coffee mugs in the morning, while roasts spend the day slowly cooking before reaching dinner plates. Like any great homestyle meal, finish this one with space for a heaping helping of dessert.

Montana: Golden Chinese Buffet

The best restaurants take care of the details, like a cup of hot tea on a cold night, to turn a dinner into an experience. This humble buffet recently received new owners who have proven they don't mind cooking things to order during slower days. The location used to be known as L & D Buffet and enjoyed a brief run as Red Sugar Dim Sum before turning into Golden Chinese Buffet. The new buffet earned its place on our list with a stellar combination of steaming piles of Chinese food and story after story of customer service excellence.  

Nebraska: Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet

A Nebraska original powered by Italian family recipes only gets better at unlimited quantities. Valentino's has more than thirty locations spread across Nebraska, and five of those stores operate as Grand Italian Buffets, with 75 different Italian and American classics one scoop away. Every trip to the Grand Italian Buffet is highlighted by the pizza bar, where you can stack your plate high with your favorite toppings, homemade crust, and Valentino's secret sauce. You'll also find Italian homestyle dishes, American favorites, and dessert pizza.

Nevada: Bacchanal Buffet

The immaculate execution of Bacchanal Buffet's dishes has earned the restaurant international recognition as one of the most extensive buffets in Las Vegas. Sin City is the American capital of excess, with a strip full of luxurious casinos and all-you-can-eat options. A few staggering numbers help the Bacchanal Buffet stand out. This spread stretches across 25,000 square feet of restaurant space, cooked across ten different kitchens and nine live cooking stations. This buffet specializes in absolutely everything. From a ceviche bar to Wagyu hot dogs and a made-to-order crepe bar, you have ninety minutes to enjoy an entire world of flavor.

New Hampshire: Gorham Dynasty Buffet

Combining Chinese and Japanese into Gorham's finest celebration of self-service, this dynasty buffet consistently ranks as the best Asian cuisine in town, buffet or not. A wide-ranging menu of Asian hits keeps customers coming back for more plates, and the restaurant keeps things fresh with special holiday menus. Celebrate Mother's and Father's Day with items like cheese sticks and roasted ham that bring a more American flavor to the mix. No matter when you head in, wash down your meal with new Bubble Milk Tea options to further captivate your taste buds. 

New Jersey: Borgata Buffet

Atlantic City followed Las Vegas' blueprint in the dining department to come up with its own range of absurdly populated buffets. Sitting at the top of the leaderboards is The Borgata Buffet, where the chef says to wear loose pants. Borgata entertains with an immense all-you-can-eat seafood selection, but the wide-ranging spread consists of much more than fried saltwater creatures. You can fill plate after plate with Italian, Asian, and American cuisine and save some room to sample one of the best dessert bars in the city.  

New Mexico: Tomato Cafe

Nobody can beat the all-you-can-eat. Eventually, we all have to drop our napkins on our plates and call it a night. Since 2002, The Tomato Cafe has put the leftovers to good use, donating over half a million pounds of hot food that feeds the hungry. When you're down on your luck, any meal is a good one, but a robust penne topped with green chile Alfredo sauce is just about as good as it gets. This buffet scales things down a touch from typical smorgasbord arrays to further prevent food waste. Pick between your favorite toppings on a table full of hand-tossed pizzas and build-your-own pasta combos, with a hearty soup, salad, and appetizer selection to fill out the plate. 

New York: Crab House

The Big Apple is home to some of the absolute best American restaurants in the U.S. Turns out, it's also home to plenty of folks who like their crab legs, and many of them choose to dine at the Crab House. Don't let the name fool you; there's plenty more than crab in the house tonight. Ranging from choices like crawfish and garlic shrimp to baby back ribs and broccoli in brown sauce, The Crab House cooks an unlimited supply of seafood & meat, all at a flat rate. A splash of extra cash opens up the lobster buffet, which is everything on the menu, plus four fresh takes on lobster. 

North Carolina: Casey's Buffet and BBQ

This ain't your average pig-pickin'. Casey's Buffet knows the four words at the core of every buffet fan's heart: "pig feet every day." This Buffet uses the whole pig, from feet to chitlins, with plenty of pulled pork. Crispy fried pork chops are Saturday's special, but if you want them any day of the week, just ask. The pork is served up in every way you could think of, and Casey is just getting started. With 20 veggie and side options, fill your plate with down-home favorites like mac and cheese and boiled rutabaga.

North Dakota: Gramma Sharon's Family Restaurant

Gramma Sharon has long since retired, but the hotplate stays on. Her daughter has taken over the family restaurant and helped the restaurant serve chicken-fried steak to Williston for over 35 years. The community culture inside those hallowed halls is reinforced by employees who have been around for decades. Business is also booming thanks to pasta bar Wednesdays and weekend buffets. A balanced brunch spread provides an extensive salad bar, bacon & sausage piled high, and a homestyle swath of fried goodness.  

Ohio: Massey's Pizza

On its quest to create the best Columbus-style pizza in the city, Massey's provides one heckuva lunch buffet experience. The thin crust and edge-to-edge toppings are a joy to down at an unlimited quantity — because nobody wants to waste valuable stomach space on crusts. Massey's is a pizza pioneer around these parts that lets you fill out your plate with more than tomato-y cheesy goodness. The sneaky winners of this lunch buffet are the bite-sized Italian subs, and gluten-free all-you-can-eaters will love the cauliflower crusts.   

Oklahoma: Berta's Mexican Buffet

Whether you call it Berta's Mexican Café, Berta's Taco's, or Berta's Buffet, you're at home here. The restaurant has all three signs out front, and inside, it serves a genuinely authentic Mexican feast that's only over when you say it is. This humble buffet doesn't have the 250+ choices some grand casinos offer, but it does more with less. There is a surprising lineup of vegetarian dishes, pizza rolls, and pasta across from the fried tacos and refried beans. The best part about Berta's is the inconsistency. You'll find a surprise ingredient or new entree as every lunch brings a slightly different menu del dia. 

Oregon: Hugs Grill Buffet

The Hugs Grill Buffet starts with a steaming basket of dumplings before slowly rolling into an Asian seafood extravaganza. Peruse the piles of spicy meats & vegetables, help yourself to some fried crab & steamed oyster, and brace yourself for a killer noodle section. You can build your own bowl and hand it off to the chef, who prepares a piping hot noodle soup on the spot. While waiting for your soup, select a few slices of choice sashimi to finish your first plate. 

Pennsylvania: Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Billed as the county's largest smorgasbord, the shade of this maple covers 200 feet of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Based on food reviewer Vafunseekers, the 200 feet are put to good use. Including the drink station, it takes the reviewer almost seven full minutes to walk through the buffet and name each item. That's a whole lot of old-country cooking to sample. There's even mush, a Pennsylvanian boiled corn specialty. The restaurant sits an hour outside downtown Philadelphia, but this immense spread and the down-home flavor make it worth the drive.

Rhode Island: The Nordic Lodge

This buffet goes gourmet on every plate, demanding consideration as one of the top buffets in the whole country. A Haagan Dazs ice cream bar with all the fixings immediately grabbed our attention, but first, you have to get your fill of unlimited lobster and a decadent raw bar. Chefs at The Nordic Lodge can tell you the full name of the farmer who sources the restaurant's Oysters. It's no easy feat to source locally when you're shucking between 1,000 and 2,000 oysters a night, but The Nordic doesn't do easy; it does fresh. That goes double for the lobster, which is displayed live in a large holding tank and boiled with the rubber band still on.  

South Carolina: Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

As the original buffet on Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand, this buffet and its signature lighthouse are local landmarks. Feeding beachgoers 170 different items since 1986, this is the oldest and largest buffet in a beach town that welcomes over 19 million visitors annually. That all adds up to a whole lot of crab legs. Benjamin's isn't one of those all-you-can-eats that encourage quick turnover. You can send the kids to the nautical museum and arcade while you head back for another plate. 

South Dakota: Silverado Grand Buffet

The Silverado Franklin brings a Las Vegas Style buffet experience to Deadwood. Las Vegas style means more, and the Silverado Grand Buffet happily obliges with bountiful roasts, wood-fired pizza, made-to-order pasta, and a cohesive salad and dessert bar. Things get cranked up a notch on Friday and Saturday Nights when the buffet offers all-you-can-crack crab legs and unlimited prime rib. You can put your winnings to good use or soften the blow of your losses with some comfort food at this extreme casino buffet. 

Tennessee: Brooks Shaw's Old Country Store

Brooks Shaw's Old Country Store is one of the absolute best buffet restaurants in the U.S. The buffet serves Casey Jones village with an all-you-can-eat helping of Southern soul food. Stroll through Casey Jones' historic shop where thousands of authentic Southern antiques are on display while you contemplate another portion, but heading back for more smoked BBQ bologna and hot tamale pie is inevitable. The buffet also offers 14 to 15 vegetables daily, or 16 if you count the cracklin' cornbread. 

Texas: Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet

In the land of hot chili and Texas toast, Dimassi's is an all-you-can-eat opportunity to tap into the blue zone diet. This Mediterranean buffet has healthier items than most smorgasbords, featuring piles of colorful rice dishes and fresh takes on chickpeas. It's not all healthy foods, either, with a few solid fried chicken and soft serve options to treat yourself with. No matter what kinds of meats or legumes you're piling your plate with, you can chow down knowing the food at Dimassi's is made from scratch, particularly their handmade bread baked in a brick oven daily.  

Utah: Chuck-A-Rama

Chuck-A-Rama is closing in on sixty years of excess. One of the longest-running buffets on our list has made it past the half-century mark thanks to a groundswell of local support. After the pandemic shut down self-service, loyal Chuck-A-Rama fans patiently waited and consistently checked in with the restaurant to find its re-opening date. 

The popular restaurant has carved out its abundant place at the head of the buffet table thanks to heaps and loads of kid-friendly choices for picky eaters and local legends like deep-fried Utah scones and frog-eye salad.

Vermont: Essex Junction Grand Buffet

You could drop the Essex Junction Grand Buffet in any strip mall in the country, and it would probably feel at home. This classic buffet blends Chinese classics with fresh sushi and homestyle Americana to fill every plate that walks through the door with joy. Last Thanksgiving, the Grand Buffet prepped eight fresh turkeys to show the restaurant's ability to create new dishes and adapt the menu for special occasions. A great way to digest is with hot tea, which is always free at This Grand Buffet. 

Virginia: Captain George's Seafood

The Story of Captain George's is the story of the American Dream. It started with humble beginnings and ended with 30,000 pounds of crab legs served weekly. The buffet restaurant has slowly built up its entree selections to include over 20 steamed, fried, and smoked options from land and sea. Captain George also invested significant effort into the dessert department. There are fourteen different sugary ways to end your meal, all homemade and presented on the buffet bar in infinite quantities. 

Washington: Trapper's

Trapper's gives the people what they want. Unlike most all-you-can-eat sushi options that hide the specialty rolls behind higher price points, you'll have everlasting access to (almost) the complete menu at Trapper's. The lunch special provides 34 types of sushi, including several great vegetarian options and the epic Mt. Rainier roll. For a few extra bucks, you can upgrade to the all-you-can-eat dinner menu, which expands the available rolls and adds a healthy selection of nigiri and appetizers, including pot stickers. It's the greatest all-you-can-eat sushi option in a state full of fresh fish. 

West Virginia: Rio De Grill

The Rio De Grill Brazilian steakhouse is waiting at the end of winding country roads with plenty of hot meat and a great discount if you only want to access the salad bar. While the freshly grilled pineapple flows like the Shenandoah River, you really shouldn't come here just to sample the Caesar. Upgrade to tableside meat and take advantage of a two-tone table fixture. Flip it to green, and servers routinely stop off with fresh hunks of meat until you wave the white flag and turn your table back to red. 

Wisconsin: North Country Steak Buffet

Wisconsin is cattle country, and the North Country Steak Buffet turns countless steers and heifers into all-you-can-eat sirloin steak and sirloin burgers, available all day, every day. Each steak comes with your choice of baked potato, hash browns, and homemade chips. Your purchase also includes access to daily menu specials, a full hot buffet, a taco bar, salads, and plenty of desserts. This buffet made Tasting Table's list of the country's best buffets thanks to its shockingly low price. Unlimited sirloin here will cost you less than a 12-ounce ribeye at many steakhouses. 

Wyoming: Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

The Food Network calls this epic prime rib buffet a grand slam. Smack-dab in the middle of the rodeo capital of the Cowboy State, a whole lot of history and rib roast come together to create an unforgettable trip (or three) to the buffet bar. The Irma Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and takes that designation seriously. You'll enjoy seafood, potatoes, desserts, and plenty of prime rib amongst taxidermied game animals and artifacts from the state's rough and tumble history.